Poinsettia Show

Poinsettia Show at the Floral Showhouse

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A family holiday tradition for over 65 years featuring poinsettias, cyclamen, azaleas, Christmas cactus and paperwhite narcissus, and many other Christmas surprises.

DATE NOV 18, 2023 - JAN 7, 2024 (Closed Dec 25th)

7145 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls 

Poinsettia Show at Floral Showhouse
The Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse hosts the annual Poinsettia Show throughout the Christmas season. This classic performance combines traditional Christmas settings with modern accents of vivid colours and lights to bring the warmth and romance of the season to life.

This breathtaking arrangement of festive poinsettias is enhanced with a lovely selection of cyclamens, amaryllis, and orchids that wonderfully encapsulate Niagara's Christmas spirit.

How many poinsettias are on display at the show?

The Annual Poinsettia Show has over 1400 poinsettias and 1000 display plants. Cyclamen, caladiums, and orchids compliment these lovely, festive plants.

We conserve roughly 10% of our harvests to update the display as needed over the five-week event to maintain it looking its best for all guests. 

Creating the show
Every year, the Floral Showhouse presents seven distinct exhibits. The concerts are designed around a topic that is prepared up to three years in advance. Once a concept has been chosen, our horticulture team integrates it with plants and colours to create a new tale. Every year, the shows are adjusted and improved depending on input from our visitors.

The Annual Poinsettia Show ties with Niagara's distinct culture and has a long history throughout this festive season. This year's theme includes over 35 kinds of poinsettias accented by quirky fresh flower trees in a vibrant palette of colours.

Poinsettia maintenance
Poinsettias are tropical plants that thrive in bright sunshine. They appreciate medium-rich, well-drained soils and don't mind being pinched by our growers on sometimes. These plants are susceptible to severe low or high temperatures, which is why they thrive in our greenhouses with regular circumstances.

The most difficult aspect of producing poinsettias is maintaining adequate sunshine and nighttime hours. They are inherently short-day bloomers, forming flower buds only when daily sunlight falls below eight hours, often less. They must be completely black at night; not even a torch may be used on them!

The Niagara Parks horticultural staff darkens the greenhouses about 10 weeks before the display to ensure that the poinsettias are not disturbed by even the least amount of light.

What is the origin of poinsettias?
Poinsettias are native to Central America and Southern Mexico, although they may also be found around the equator, like as in the Canary Islands. These vibrant plants can thrive in such tropical environments.

Although the poinsettia was introduced to North America in the late 1800s, it wasn't until the 1950s that these plants established a Christmas ritual in every home. It is now a well-known plant and a symbol of happiness and prosperity.

Floral Showhouse
Open all year long the Floral Showhouse is the perfect tropical oasis to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Collections of orchids, succulents, and other tropical plant species are on display throughout the year that reflect the changing seasons.

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