Tunnel Parks Power Station

The Tunnel

The Tunnel at Niagara Parks Power Station: Discover the 2,200-foot tunnel that runs beneath Niagara's cathedral of power by descending 180 feet beneath the historic Niagara Parks Power Station.

This attraction unearths a previously unexplored underground world and provides fascinating details of Niagara Falls longstanding history in hydro-electric power. Descend inside the tunnel in a glass-enclosed elevator and get ready to take in a stunning panoramic view of the Falls. The Niagara Parks Power Station's regular admission price includes access to the Tunnel.

Discover a new underground perspective
Explore this engineering marvel from a remarkable new perspective 180 feet beneath the main generating floor as you delve deep into the century-old power plant's fascinating history.

As you ride down into the tunnel in a glass-paneled elevator, you can see the power station's concealed decks. Discover how it was impressively dug in 1901 with just lanterns, crude explosives, pickaxes, and shovels while exploring intriguing exhibitions. Find out how the Niagara River, which is at the base of the falls, received the spent water from the power plant.

Viewing platform
For more than a century, the tunnel was used as an outlet for the water used to produce hydropower. You will go down the tunnel on the same route as the water, arriving at an observation platform where the tunnel empties into the Niagara River.

The newly built observation platform offers unrivalled access to a new perspective of the lower Niagara River with unrivalled views of both the Horseshoe and American Falls for the first time ever.

There's more to Niagara's power story
Regular station entrance at the Niagara Parks Power Station includes access to the brand-new tunnel experience. Discover this hydroelectric power plant that was built more than a century ago. Discover engaging models, interactive exhibits, and more. Interested in more?

Use your mobile device to look for narrative markers all over the station and explore further with special materials like our audio guide! There are also fully escorted generator hall tours available with one of our qualified interpreters.

Know Before You Go
You are about to go off on an amazing excursion through an underground tunnel that is more than 115 years old. The following advice can help you get ready for the experience:

2,200 feet!
You descend 2,200 feet underground in the glass-walled elevator before emerging from the tunnel. Although the ground is level and smooth, make sure you're wearing comfortable shoes. If you need to stop and rest, look for benches along the sides.

60° F (15 ° C)
180 feet below ground, you are. It can get chilly there despite the temperature on the surface! Consider carrying a light jacket and dress appropriately for the weather. Be prepared to get soaked once you arrive at the observation platform by the river. On request, recyclable rain ponchos are provided.

If you must go, do so right away! The power plant's generator level has a good number of completely accessible restrooms. Before taking the elevator down, we advise making a brief pit stop.