Falls Illumination

Niagara Falls Illumination


Enjoy the Niagara Falls Illumination Board's enhanced falls illumination!

The illumination of Niagara Falls was first made permanent in 1925 with 24 carbon arc searchlights. In 1974, a major enhancement replaced the lights with a new Xenon system, which received minor updates in 1997. Now almost 20 years later, the Niagara Falls Illumination Board is excited to showcase the new LED lights. The $4-million revitalization project uses the latest technology to light the Horseshoe and American Falls. This new lighting will provide over twice the current brightness and a wider range of colours allowing for a full palette of colour combinations that wasn't available in the past. The new, energy-efficient system will also use 82% less power than the previous Xenon lights.

Every evening beginning at dusk the Falls are lit in the colours of the rainbow - don't miss the unmatched beauty of the Falls at night!

Illumination of the Falls has been Financed and Operated by The Niagara Falls Illumination Board since 1925.

Niagara Falls Illumination Schedule Calendar

January 1 – January 31 5 PM – 1 AM 
February 1 – March 11 5:30 PM – 1 AM 
March 12 – March 31  7:30 PM – 2 AM
April 1- May 14   8:00 PM – 2 AM
May 15 – July 31    8:30 PM – 2 AM
August 1 - August 15   8:00 PM – 2 AM
August 16 - August 31   7:30 PM – 2 AM
September 1 - 19   7:00 PM – 2 AM
September 20 - 30  6:30 PM – 2 AM
October 1 - 15  6:15 PM – 2 AM
October 16 - October 31 6:00 PM – 2 AM
November 1 - December 314:30 PM – 2 AM

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board offers special illuminations for charitable and not-for-profit organizations. These groups can submit requests here.

June 2010–10:15 p.m.World Refugee DayBlue
June 2010:15–10:30 p.m.Brain Injury Awareness MonthBlue, Green
June 2110–10:15 p.m.Move4MigrainePurple
June 2110:15–10:30 p.m.National Indigenous Peoples Day/Indigenous History MonthOrange
June 2210–10:15 p.m.Sisterhood of Marine MomsRed, White, Blue
June 2210:15–10:30 p.m.Inti Raymi Andean New YearTeal, Orange, White
June 2310–10:15 p.m.Pride MonthRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 2310:15–10:30 p.m.XLH Awareness DayPurple, White
June 2410–10:15 p.m.Pride MonthPink, White, Light Blue
June 2510–10:15 p.m.Pride MonthRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 2510:15–10:30 p.m.World Vitiligo DayPurple
June 2610–10:15 p.m.Pride MonthPink, White, Light Blue
June 2610:15–10:30 p.m.Scoliosis Awareness MonthGreen
June 2710–10:15 p.m.Pride MonthRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 2710:15–10:30 p.m.Ontario Police Suicide MemorialBlue
June 2810–10:15 p.m.Pride MonthPink, White, Light Blue
June 2810:15–10:30 p.m.Over The Edge for The Arc Erie County New YorkOrange
June 2910–10:15 p.m.Scleroderma MattersTeal
June 2910:15–10:30 p.m.Pride MonthRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 2910:30–10:45 p.m.World Scleroderma DayBlue, Teal, White
June 30Top of Every Hour for 15 MinutesPride MonthRed, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple
June 3010:15–10:30 p.m.Pride MonthPink, White, Light Blue
July 1Top of Every Hour for 15 MinutesCanada DayRed, White
July 4Top of Every Hour for 15 MinutesIndependence DayRed, White, Blue
July 510–10:15 p.m.National Injury Prevention DayGreen
July 510:15–10:30 p.m.Independence Day of VenezuelaYellow, Blue, Red
July 910–10:15 p.m.We are NATO / NATO 75Blue, White
July 910:15–10:30 p.m.50 Days to the Paralympic Games: IGNITE CanadaPurple, Red, White
July 1010–10:15 p.m.The Bahamas Independence Day CelebrationsBlue, Yellow
July 1010:15–10:30 p.m.Nikola Tesla's BirthdayRed, Blue, White
July 1010:30–10:45 p.m.Chronic Disease DayOrange, White
July 1110–10:15 p.m.National Day of MongoliaRed, Blue
July 1310–10:15 p.m.Nikola Tesla Day FestivalRed, Blue, White
July 1410–10:15 p.m.Bastille DayBlue, White, Red
July 1910:15–10:30 p.m.Remembering First RespondersRed, White, Black, Yellow
July 2010–10:15 p.m.Independence Day of ColumbiaRed, Blue, Yellow

NOTE: Illumination times are approximate and subject to change according to light conditions.

History Of The Illumination Of Niagara Falls

Lighting the Falls to allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the mighty Niagara even at night, was first attempted more than 140 years ago. In 1860, a spectacular illumination of the Falls celebrated a visit by the Prince of Wales. About 200 coloured and white calcium, volcanic and torpedo lights were placed along the banks above and below the American Falls, on the road down the bank of the Canadian side of the gorge and behind the water of the Horseshoe Falls. The lights were called Bengal lights and were the kind used at sea to signal for help or give warning.