Canada Trading

Canada Trading

Clifton Hill Fun Pass

You’ll shop in a warm and inviting atmosphere packed with a unique selection of collectables and gifts for every occasion.

Whether you are shopping for the perfect gift or picking up a souvenir for yourself, the Canada Trading Company is sure to have something special to treasure. There are so many unique, quality items to choose from.

The Canada Trading Company has a large selection of top quality souvenir clothing, figurines, water globes, wind spinners, handcrafted jewellery, as well as an impressive display of Native area artwork, totems, Inukshuks & Moccasins, dream catchers, masks and statues, plus much, much more!

  • Kyberwool Jackets, Novelty Hats and Mitts
  • Collectables From the Bradford Exchange
  • Artist Jim Shore's Disney Figurines
  • Lug Travel Mugs and Accessories
  • Marble and Jade Carvings
  • Canadian Maple Syrup, Gourmet Foods and Tea's
  • Designer Purses and Wallets
  • Crocs - Men's, Women's, Kids
  • NHL -  Toronto, Montreal, etc.
  • TY Licenced Plush - Dora, Spongebob, Spiderman, ScoobyDoo, Hello Kitty, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Blue's Clue's, Peanuts, Backyardigans, etc.

Located at the top of Clifton Hill, the Canada Trading Company is open 7 days a week, all year long. Why not pop in the next time you visit?


Masks Mandatory

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ADULT $34.95 per person
CHILD $22.95 per person