Niagara Falls History Museum: Thursday Night’s are FREE

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The Niagara Falls History Museum located at 5810 Ferry Street is the place to go to learn everything historical about Niagara Falls. Step inside and you will be met with three galleries; all of which have a story to tell about Niagara Falls. The Niagara Falls History Museum has recently undergone a $12 million renovation, and the well-maintained and organized newly expanded museum sets the bar with its engaging and hands-on exhibits.
The first floor holds its newest exhibit: Egypt: The Gift of the Nile. Learn all about the ancient civilization well ahead of its time. Here, you will learn all about jewelery, perfume, make-up, religion, pottery and of course, the afterlife. I really enjoyed the heiroglyphics portion of this exhibit and find it amazing how intelligient these people of 5,000 years ago were. It was truly the birthplace of a remarkable civilization. Here are some photos that I took at the Niagara Falls History Museum of this exhibit:

The Niagara Falls History Museum has also added hands-on stations for visitors to write their name in hieroglyphics, make a mini pyramid and an Egyptian headdress.
The second floor is all about the War of 1812. You will be presented with Canada’s best collections of 1812 collections and memorabilia. The audio-visual ambiance really adds to the experience. Learn how this war shaped our nation! Niagara Falls is rich in history behind the War of 1812 — this is the perfect educational stop for school and group tours. Choose from the Niagara Falls History Museum, Battlefield tour, Museum and Battlefield tour, or the Battle Ground Hotel Museum Tour. You can also head to Niagara on the Lake and check out Fort George, the headquarters for the Centre Division of the British Army.

The second floor is devoted to everything you need to know about the Niagara Falls and the community itself. I really found this exhibit informative and I loved the community mosiac made up of tiny pictures of Niagara Falls residents that shape the community that we live in. The final result is a historic aerial view portrait of the Falls. I loved it! The people, the industry, social life, the creation of the Falls and the daredevils that attempted to conquer the Falls are all covered here.

Currently, the Niagara Falls History Museum is open late on Thursday night’s until 9:00pm and admission is FREE from 5:00pm – 9:00pm!
Niagara Falls Night of Art
Niagara Falls History Museum
Explore the Main and Ferry area where there will be artists displays, DJ’s, Regency Dance, local bands and so much more.¬† The Night of Art will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 19th at the Museum, in the Farmers Market, at the Regal Diner, Batter Up! Olde Style Fish and Chips and more.¬† Over 40 artists will be participating to make this a great night. Click here for details.
Head on over to Clifton Hill afterwards for some more evening entertainment! All our attractions are still open late! Enjoy the Clifton Hill Fun Pass any day of the week for 50% off retail price savings! Sunday to Thursday attractions such as the Ghostblasters Dark Ride, XD Ride Theatre, Movieland Wax Museum, Dinosaur Adventure Golf, Galaxy Golf and Niagara Skywheel are open as late as 11:00pm to 1:00am, with the Great Canadian Midway open until 2:00 am every day of the week! Friday and Saturday our attractions close between 1:00am Р2:00am.

And don’t forget…Niagara Falls Fireworks down at the bottom of Clifton Hill at Queen Victoria Park have been extended to every Friday at 10:00pm until October 11th, 2013!
Christine on Niagara Falls History Museum

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