Niagara Falls Family Dining: Why Boston Pizza Clifton Hill is Just Better

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No doubt when you arrive in Niagara Falls there is no shortage of restaurants. How do you choose? Here are reasons why Niagara Falls family dining is just better at Boston Pizza Clifton Hill!

It is right in the heart of Clifton Hill. Clifton Hill is a must-see when you have kids, and you can expect to spend a full day here. For that reason alone, you want to choose a Niagara Falls family dining experience within walking distance. This Boston Pizza has location on its side! Located on the south side of Clifton Hill it is central to the Niagara SkyWheel, Tim Hortons, the Great Canadian Midway, and the Dinosaur Adventure Golf. All of those locations are less than 50 feet away, with the Midway in the same building (on the lower floor).

Niagara Falls Casual Dining
Niagara Falls casual dining

¬†It’s FUN!!¬†
If you are looking for a Niagara Falls family dining restaurant to disconnect and just eat, this isn’t the place! The fun continues here even while you eat. You are surrounded by video games to play as the Great Canadian Midway downstairs spits up more games upstairs. If you arrive during a busy time and you are given a pager to wait, you can do more with your time than simply “sit at the bar and wait”. Grab some tokens available at the various machines in the restaurant and play a game of air hockey, race some cars, or even play “Monster Claw” if you are feeling less adventurous and just want to win a teddy bear.
If playing games isn’t for you, just take in the exciting scenery. Wide windows to watch all the action outside surrounds the restaurant, and there are plenty of wide-screen tv’s playing all the¬†sports action¬†games and highlights. The atmosphere can’t be beat!

Niagara Falls family dining
 Where else can you eat and bowl??
Niagara Falls family dining

Boston Pizza Clifton Hill and Strike! Rock N Bowl are one and the same! You have 3 options: Bowl before you dine, Bowl while¬†you dine, or bowl after you dine. Located inside this restaurant, but away from the family “sit down” dining, is 14 full-lane bowling lanes, plus eight billiard tables. The bowling welcomes all ages — they offer ramps for the little ones and “bumpers” can be programmed to rise when a toddler plays, and automatically descend when an adult is up to bowl.
When you get hungry or thirsty you simply order from a full Boston Pizza food and bar menu, and a server will bring food right to your bowling table. This Boston Pizza includes two bars — one located in the dining area itself, and the other on the bowling side, for your convenience.

 The Food
While gourmet pizza is Boston Pizza‚Äôs claim to fame, you‚Äôll find more than 100¬†delicious menu items¬†perfect for lunch, dinner or anything in between. There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy here; including a¬†gluten-free menu, light options, and a delicious and inexpensive¬†kid’s meal menu.

Niagara Falls family dining
Niagara Falls family dining
Niagara Falls family dining

 Birthday Party Packages available 
No doubt because of all the factors listed above, Boston Pizza Clifton Hill is the perfect place to pool everything together to create the perfect birthday party package for your little one. The restaurant has teamed up with the Great Canadian Midway and Strike! Rock N Bowl to put together party packages your child will have a blast with, such as the Kids Deluxe Party Package and the Kids Ultimate Party Package.
Click the image below for several differing party options — for kids AND adults!

Niagara Falls family dining

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