New “Nature Exchange” At The Niagara Glen Nature Centre

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As part of an added investment into the Niagara Glen Nature Centre, the Niagara Parks is pleased to announce the all new Nature Exchange program.

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The Niagara Glen Nature Centre has recently been revitalized and renovated to suit the needs of the growth in eco-tourism and the demand for more nature-based experiences. The Niagara Glen prides itself on its hiking trails, untouched Carolinian Forest, incredible rock formations, and our native plants. These include maples, sassafras, tulip trees, red mulberry trees, and staghorn sumacs.
With support from the Ontario150 funding program, the Niagara Parks has brought new programming, and engaging educational features to the Niagara Glen Nature Centre, which includes its newest Nature Exchange program, which just had its grand re-opening this past Friday, July 21st, 2017.
The Nature Exchange was developed in partnership with its sister provincial agency, Science North, out of Sudbury, Ontario. The Nature Exchange first started in 1984, in which you are encouraged to trade in natural items and gather information about them. By doing this, you will educate yourself on the nature that surrounds you, and then you can share that information with the Nature Exchange staff when trading them in later. You will gain points for your items which can then be used to add new natural items to their collection, or saved for use at a later date. Points are awarded based on your knowledge, its rarity and uniqueness.
The Niagara Glen is a site that has been protected and preserved by the Niagara Parks Commission since 1894, and the Niagara Glen Nature Centre was built in 1923. Inside, there is a gift shop, and amazing views of the trails and Niagara River. The Glen is a renowned destination for hikers, cyclists, and nature-seekers. There are approximately 490 species of plants and animals here, in which many are listed as either “at risk” or “rare” in the province.
In addition to the Nature Exchange, there will be an added focus on school and outdoor programming, as well as guided tours of the Niagara Glen. The trailhead site will also offer an accessible washroom, a bike locking station, as well as a bike repair station. This is a welcome addition for all users of the Niagara River Recreation Trail, the paved pathway that travels along the Niagara River from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake.
3050 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls, ON. 

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