Cowichan Valley’s Big Stick finds its way to Niagara Falls museum

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By Kevin Rothbauer, The Citizen  August 27, 2010
The Cowichan Valley’s famous hockey stick is now an attraction in Niagara Falls.
No, the Big Stick itself hasn’t moved, but a display featuring the enormous piece of sporting equipment, and including a story from the Citizen, now adorns the walls of the Guinness World Records Museum. Right next to a display about Wayne Gretzky and his multitude of hockey feats.
“They have a lot of NHL memorabilia in that corner,” said Dick Drew, who helped fight for the Cowichan Valley to get the Big Stick in the first place, then fought for it to be recognized as the world’s largest, and is now battling to get it honoured in museums and halls of fame. “It’s great looking. They estimate their attendance to be about a quarter of a million a year.”
The museum is located right in the centre of Niagara Falls, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Canada. (more…)

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