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Enjoy a wide variety of high quality music, dance, theatre, comedy and young audience performances from September to April of each year in the intimate Sean O’Sullivan and David S. Howes Theatres. Tickets for each season go on sale to the general public the day after Labour Day with special discounts and offers for members, students and community groups. 

Part of Centre for the Arts’ mandate is to present, promote and nurture new and emerging artists in addition to presenting world class established artists in all genres. We are proud to have the opportunity to discover and present such a diverse range of artists to supportive Niagara audiences and with each new discovery, you are helping to shape the future careers of up-and-coming artists. In the past, our members and patrons have supported and nurtured outstanding artists such as Jann Arden, Leahy, Natalie MacMaster and Ron Sexsmith, helping them to become national treasures.  

We encourage you to discover something new.  You can be assured that we pride ourselves on programming our seasons based on artist quality. Experience something new. You may just discover a new favourite. 

There's something magical about a shared experience. The notion of witnessing and participating in a unique moment limited to only a room full of people makes a live performance truly special. Sometimes it's difficult to get ourselves and others "off the couch", but shared arts experiences can truly enrich our lives and strengthen community bonds.

Since 1969, the Centre for the Arts, Brock University has undergone many changes. Originally operating as Thistle Theatre, the theatre was an extension of the Drama/Film Studies Department. Later, Thistle Theatre and the Faculty of Education Theatre were placed under the umbrella title of Brock Centre for the Arts. Thistle Theatre became The Theatre and the College of Education Theatre became the Playhouse Theatre and later changed to the David S. Howes Theatre. In 1992, The Theatre was renamed the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre in honour of the late Father Sean O’Sullivan. Sean O’Sullivan, the first Brock graduate to receive an honourary degree, became Canada’s youngest Member of Parliament in 1972. In 1977, he left politics to join the priesthood and dedicated the rest of his life to others. In 1993/94, on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary, the Brock Centre was renamed Centre for the Arts, Brock University

Our Theatres
Both the Sean O’Sullivan Theatre and the David S. Howes Theatre are available for rent at competitive rates. The Sean O'Sullivan Theatre has 533 seats and The David S. Howes has 500. Both spaces are supported by lobbies, concession booths, coat checks, and washrooms. Both theatres are accessible to the physically challenged and have systems available for the hearing impaired. Production facilities include lighting control and sound consoles, as well as dressing rooms and licensed lounges.

Ticket Outlet
The Box Office now utilizes Audienceview Ticketing System, and provides ticketing services for university and rental clients. The Box Office can provide ticketing for any kind of event for any venue - big and small. Our main Box Office is located on Brock University's main campus and internet ticketing is available 24 hours a day with a new print at home option.

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