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There are so many Marineland Activities that are Perfect for the Family this Summer!

Marineland Activities

There are a ton of Marineland activities available in Niagara Falls, from animals to amusement rides, you can easily spend the whole day there, enjoying all the fun.  Also, the park is conveniently located just south of the Horseshoe Falls and a quick drive from Clifton Hill: “The Street of Fun by the Falls.” Marineland seems to be on most people’s lists of places to visit in Niagara Falls during the summer…and after my recent visit, I can see why.
I started my Marineland Adventure early and found many others doing the same; Luckily they had numerous terminals to buy tickets from, so the lines moved quickly. To save more time, you can actually buy your tickets in advance with the Comfort Inn Marineland Package or the Build a Package option.
Once inside Marineland’s gates, it was easy to spot the big aquarium where all the marine shows take place.  All the kids surrounding the tank were “so cute” pressing against the glass, enamored by the dolphins as they whizzed by engaging the crowds.  Standard admission includes all the live shows, and believe me you don’t want to miss the hilarious walruses and adorable sea lions!
Just around the corner are some great rides for younger children, although many were heading for the big ones, which include: the world’s largest steel roller coaster, Dragon Mountain, and the world’s highest triple tower ride, Sky Screamer.  So many thrilling Marineland activities, check out my recent experience…

In the ‘big’ ride section you will also find the Beluga Whale habitat (Friendship Cove), which is featuring several new babies.
It was a blast…even with all the “OH MY” references I had a lot of fun, and I know you will too – I recommend checking out some of the exciting Marineland activities this summer.
from your Niagara Falls travel blogger Denise Howe
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