Onguiaahra: Thunder of Waters

Onguiaahra: Thunder of Waters

Onguiaahra: Thunder of Waters

This FREE event happens at the foot of Murray Street in Queen Victoria Park with a large fountain display that will be set up across from the American Falls.

Expect to see a fountain of an ever-changing multitude of colours that will reflect off the spraying water to sights and sounds to astonish and mesmerize the whole family!

There will be THREE shows nightly at these times: *8:15 pm *9:15 pm *10:15 pm

What makes this extra exciting, is that the Onguiaahra: Thunder of Waters will commence during the Coca-Cola concert series (8:00 pm), with the final showing right after the Niagara Falls Fireworks displays (10 pm). 

Looking for directions to the best spot for ample parking, only minutes from the event?

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Now only...

ADULT $34.95 per person
CHILD $22.95 per person