It's A Wrap! Holiday Dinner Musical

It's A Wrap! Holiday Dinner Musical

Join the talented cast of "It's A Wrap!" at the Oh Canada Eh! Dinner Theatre.

They will take you back to the 1970s, when the platform shoes were higher, bell bottoms were wider and TV Christmas specials were all the rage.

Written by Louisa O'Keane and Melissa Penner, the masterminds behind Mistletoe Magic and Swingin' Little Sleigh Ride, this show has something for everyone; from your favourite Christmas carols to hilarious original songs; from dancing fruitcakes to hip hop rapping elves; this is a variety show like no other.

There is even a festive, five-course, family-style meal which is served by the cast throughout the performance.

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ADULT $34.95 per person
CHILD $22.95 per person