Mary Goes Round

Mary Goes Round? is a redemptive drama with dark comedic undertones. Mary is a substance abuse counsellor with a drinking problem. After a drunk driving accident, she loses her license, her job and boyfriend. At the request of her estranged father Walt, Mary begrudgingly retreats to her hometown of Niagara Falls. Walt has terminal cancer and wants Mary to connect her with teen-aged half-sister, Robyn whose mother walked out on the family. Robyn has no idea who Mary is. Or at least, she pretends not to. As her sympathy for Robyn deepens, her outrage at Walt’s request diminishes. At an AA meeting, Mary meets Lou, a personal care worker who offers support and friendship. Walt is hospitalized. Robyn starts to self-destruct and Lou falls from her heroic pedestal. To keep this fractured unit together, Mary must confront her emotions, her demons and her addiction. She, Robyn, Walt and Lou must all learn what, family means.

Aya Cash, Sara Waisglass, John Ralston, Melanie Nicholls-King

Molly McGlynn

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