Clifton Hill / HOCO Entertainment will temporarily close all public-facing operations as a precautionary measure.
Effective End of day Wednesday, December 23rd we will be temporarily closing until authorized to reopen.
We take the current situation very seriously and want to ensure the health and safety of our guests and team members.
This action is consistent with the recommendations of the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health related to the new measures for COVID-19.
Customers can continue to monitor our website, social media channels or contact us at [email protected] for any questions they may have.
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Guinness Museum

After 42 Plus Years the Guinness Museum is now closed!

There is currently an online auction featuring remarkable rarities and famous artifacts which opened up January 22nd, 2021. 

Click here to bid and see more!

Some of the cool items up for bid are the following:

  • Atari Hercules Coin Op Pinball Game - World's Largest 1979 Guinness Museum Display
  • Wurlitzer One More Time Replica Jukebox - Vinyl, Model OMT 1015 Restored
  • Coin Op Animated Electric Chair Museum Crime Oddity Display Guinness World Records
  • Wayne Gretzky Los Angeles Kings Jersey Signed Photograph LOA Guinness Museum Display
  • Wayne Gretzky Framed Hockey Stick Puck LOA Guinness Museum Display
  • World's Smallest Bicycle artifact Guinness Museum
  • Miami Dolphins Helmet Signed Dan Marino Guinness World Records Museum Display
  • Signed Dan Marino Miami Dolphins Jersey Guinness World Records Museum Display
  • World's Longest Necked Woman Museum Display Circus Sideshow Character
  • Photo Op Display World's Heaviest Man Guinness World Records Museum
  • GUINNESS pylon sign letters. 

Guinness Gallery

Encounter life-size models of the world's most extraordinary humans, from the tallest man (Robert Wadlow at 8 feet 11.1 inches), to the most tattooed woman.

Human achievements are displayed throughout the worlds of entertainment, arts, literature, and the natural world.

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