Zombie Attack 6D Ride Group Tour

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This 36-seat interactive XD Dark Ride Theater is the largest XD Dark Ride in North America.

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      Adventure, Family, Rides, Short Breaks, Thrill Seeking
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    • Group Size Medium Group
    All about the Zombie Attack 6D Ride Group Tour.


    The zombie apocalypse is upon us all — and only you can save the world! Survive brain-hungry zombies in this multi-sensory adventure, featuring real-time 6D graphics.

    Challenge your friends in the scoring battle to prove who is champion of mankind.

    Freaking awesome! This was one of the funnest rides of my life. or experiences or whatever you want to call it it’s absolutely insane and totally awesome I would do it again for sure. if you are in Niagara Falls and you do not go on the zombie attack you are missing one of the top three experiences in Niagara Falls. -Chris Kivi, December 2018

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

    The full Zombie Attack experience:

    • 6D-Interactive ride experience with shooting component.
    • Loads 36 individuals every 5-7 minutes.
    • Indoor experience.
    • Climate-controlled.
    • Group Rates begin at 15 or more individuals.
    • Wheelchair Playable/accessible.
    • Complimentary policy of 1 free admission per 15 paid admissions.
    • Advance bookings.
    • Children are 12 and under. Must be 36” to go on the ride.
    • Pick-up area for the Zombie Attack tickets is at booth located in front of the attraction (located right in front of the Niagara Speedway).
    • Location maps of our property will be available for all groups.
    • Multiple Payment Options: Canadian or American Currency, Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Travelers’ Cheques (with proper ID).
    • For questions, please call group sales at: 1-800-801-8557 or email: [email protected]
    1. Is there a height requirement?

      Children must be 36” in order to ride alone.

    2. What is the ride capacity?

      There is a total of 36 seats in the Zombie Attack.

    3. What is the ride length?

      Time to allow while on the ride: 5-7 minutes (waiting times vary).

    4. Is the ride wheelchair accessible?

      Attraction is fully Wheelchair Accessible and Wheelchair playable.

    Overall Rating
    Woody H.
    Reviewed On 29/07/2018

    Don't Miss! A great attraction. Shown in 3D.You sit in seats that move and jerk around while you are attacked by Zombies. You have a gun beside you that you can shoot the creatures and at the end you will see your score and how you stack up against the other people. Highly recommend this attraction. It is on the fun pass.

    Reviewed On 04/10/2017

    Amazing Ride! This was one of the funnest attractions we did on our vacation. IT was included in the Fun Pass and wow, totally worth it. Wish I could've ridden it twelve times, it was great.


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