Summer Skywalk 2012 with Jay Cochrane

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It was getting close to 7pm July 6th as crowds gathered at the top of the Skylon Tower and in the streets below wanting to catch a glimps of  “Prince of  the Air” Jay Cochrane who has began his a summer of skywalks!

In 2002, Jay Cochrane became the first skywalker to reappear in the Niagara region since 1897.  He will put his skills to the test walking a 400 m (quarter mile) distance up 50-stories in the sky.   Cochrane says this is Niagara Falls greatest building-to-building skywalk in North American History.  This amazing event will be happening for twelve weeks daily at 7 p.m. (weather permitting), and by the end of summer Cochrane will have performed 81 walks between the Skylon Tower and the Hilton Hotel in the Fallsview district of Niagara Falls.

Talking with Jay he assured me this is just another day for him getting to do something he loves, as well as sharing the proceeds to the Tender Wishes Foundation and the  Boys and Girls Club of Niagara.
Pretty sure I was more nervous then him as I watched the wire blowing with the wind, looking down at tiny model sized looking attractions and thinking wow what if…..BUT before I could think any further Jay stepped out on to the wire crowds gave a quick cheer then everyone went quiet with anticipation.  As he crept further and further to the middles of the wire I was astonished at his bravery for having the guts to do this everyday with NO tether attached,  just him, a wire, wind, and the sky!After being delayed by a week Jay’s first attempt looked like a breeze for him,  crossing end to end in about 35 minutes.

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