Niagara Falls Tunnel Project – Ontario Power Generation

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Niagara Falls Tunnel Project: Ontario Power Generation
A Major OPG Clean-Energy Project
When someone says “Niagara Falls” what comes to mind? The spectacular Horseshoe Falls? The victory won at the Battle of Queenston Heights? How about the city’s reputation as the Honeymoon Capital of the World? Now Canadians have another reason to be proud of Niagara Falls—the Niagara Tunnel, a major clean-energy project by Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Ontario’s publicly owned power utility.

A Monster Tunnel
The largest hard rock Tunnel Boring Machine in the world is hard at work, right now, drilling a massive tunnel deep beneath the City of Niagara Falls. It will be an incredible 14.4 metres (47.3 feet) wide and 10.2 kilometres (6.3 miles) long.
Olympic-Sized Volumes of Water
OPG planned this unheard-of feat of engineering to divert water from the Niagara River, and carry it downstream to the Sir Adam Beck Generating Stations. Gravity alone will propel the water at an incredible 500 cubic metres (17,660 cubic feet) per second. Think of it this way: that speed and volume of water would fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in a matter of seconds.
Drilling for a Greener Future
OPG’s Niagara Tunnel will be a source of pride not only as an engineering feat, but also as a practical solution for meeting Ontario’s energy needs through clean sources. The Niagara Tunnel will allow OPG to provide enough clean water power to generate a further 1.6 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually–enough to meet the electricity needs of about 160,000 homes. Ontarians now and in the future will all benefit from the hard work taking place. With minimal maintenance costs, all this energy will be generated year-in, year-out for a hundred years or more.
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