How to Win at Miniature Golf

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Here on Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, we own and operate two miniature golf courses — Dinosaur Adventure Golf and Wizards Golf. When I worked in customer service here, there wasn’t a single day that went by that: a) you didn’t hear the winner rubbing their nose in it, b) someone lost their ball into the street and down Clifton Hill (oops), or c) people would whack the ball so hard that it would end up on someone else’s hole. Before you play your next game, here are some tips on how to win at miniature golf. So, study them, practice them, and then the next time you play you should be raking in the points!
I will use Wizard’s Golf as a guide. Let me know how you fare!
1. Pick the Appropriate Putter
How to win at miniature golf
This one seems obvious, but don’t let the cashier choose your putter for you. Often what happens is that they will give you the putter size according to a quick scan of your body size. The top of the putter should hit you at about belt level, with your hands positioned near the middle of the grip. Better yet, bring your own putter.
2. Watch Your Speed
Before you just start whacking balls, do a practice run on the course surface so that you are aware of the speed needed to get the ball moving. Obviously, a ball on carpet will move slower than a ball on concrete. Be aware of how hard or gentle you need to be to make the shot. Don’t over hit the ball on your swings.
3. Ignore the Obstacles and Physical Distractions
mini golf tips
*Pictured Above: One of the obstacles in Wizard’s Golf. You need to putt through an obstacle that features various balls nailed down, so your ball will run through it like a pinball game.¬†
Unless you are at a fair, most miniature golf courses contain obstacles and challenging design features at every hole. The obstacles make a round of play much more challenging. Courses are designed so that there are ways to get around the obstacles (such as windmills) that can impede playing towards the hole. Once a player figures out a strategy for each hole and the shortest route to the hole, chances are that your game will be that much better. If the hole is a figure 8, or circular, you should attempt to bank shots off the bunkers or walls. With that in mind, try to zone out the people around you distracting you. Keep your eye on the ball.
4. Use the Proper Stance
Always swing from the shoulders, not the wrists. Don’t shift your feet, and keep the putter face square.¬†Do not swing putter above the knee.
5. Inspect Each Hole
how to win at miniature golf
*Pictured Above: One of the holes at Wizard’s Golf makes you putt uphill and into a cyclone. This is one of those holes that you can’t putt around — you must be able to get it uphill in order to get it in.¬†
This is imperative especially¬†if you choose to play a glow-in-the-dark course like our Wizard’s Golf course. It features carpeting on each hole that may appear to be flat, but there are spots in which there are tiny “hills” to throw you off your game. There are also enough distractions on some of the courses that you have no clue where the hole is even located. So, much like they taught you in driver’s education when you were told to walk around the car and inspect it before getting inside, the same rings true for playing a decent game of miniature golf — unless you are really lucky.
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how to win at mini golf

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