Cascades of Fire International Fireworks Competition: A Look at the Competitors

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This November, Niagara Falls will host a special event! See the skies come alive with amazing visuals and sounds as the premiere edition of the “Cascades of Fire International Fireworks Competition” kicks off. This grand event is widely anticipated to become the largest and most impressive firework show in the country this Fall!

These remarkable displays will thrill audiences from across the region with events over two weekend evenings. 6 nights, 6 spectacular firework shows, beginning on Friday, November 9th, 2018. Cascades of Fire boasts multiple 18-minute pyrotechnic light shows, beautifully matched to music.

The event will be held at Queen Victoria Park, at the foot of Clifton Hill. There is no admission fee for the firework competition and visitors will have full access through Queen Victoria Park, so you can enjoy all the family fun excitement of Clifton Hill with attractions such as the Niagara Speedway, the Niagara SkyWheel and the Great Canadian Midway, plus a multitude of dining and retail venues.

Dates: November 9th, 10th, 11th(Alternate pending weather on the 10th), 16th, 17th, 18th, 2018
Time: All shows start at 9:00 PM
Where: Queen Victoria Park, Niagara Falls, Canada
Cost: Free

Now let’s look at the Competitors!

All the teams in this upcoming competition will get as imaginative as possible to bring their best displays to the audience by synchronizing the fireworks with music and putting together some incredible multi-sensory spectacles.

Each team will be showcasing their own unique theme, music, creativity, effects and synchronization! Additionally, each team is among the best around the World and hold a huge number of awards and accolades between them.

Friday, November 9th: Team China: “Celebration Fireworks” from Liuyang, China

Celebration Fireworks Cultural Group is a professional fireworks group with over 20 years behind them. They have three subsidiaries, including International Celebration Fireworks CO., Liuyang Celebration Joy Export Trading CO., and Liuyang Renrenle Celebration Culture Communication CO.

They have participated in more than 1000 fireworks display worldwide, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games one year countdown celebration, Jiangsu Zhengjiang Trade & Investment Fair, Spring fireworks Show for Zhao Qing(Guangdong) & Guiyang, Changsha Spring festival fireworks show, and the 2009 Lateran Festival fireworks for Changsha Orange Continent.

They have received awards such as the best award in the world’s eighth fireworks Conference (2008 Japan), the Gold prize in 17th National Invention Exposition, the champion in Dalian International Spring Festival fireworks Competition,  the Best Design Prize in the 3rd International Pyromusical Performance and Fireworks Display Competition, and the golden prize in the 2011 F5 International Fireworks Competition, the top ten international influential company.

They also invented the largest “Chinese flag fireworks”, “Buddha fireworks”, “image fireworks of President Mao”, “kinetic fireworks angels” in 10th China International fireworks festival, and the symphonic fireworks show.

Friday, November 16th: Team Finland: Pyroman Finland Ltd. from Espoo, Finland

Pyroman Finland Ltd. is Finland’s pioneer in the field of pyrotechnics and special effects. Their experience includes fairs, sporting events, festivals, TV shows, and performances for artists and bands at home and abroad. Combined with their team of technology and leading fireworks artists in their country who all have a decade of experience in many different industries in both home and abroad, their show will be sure to leave audiences in awe!

Saturday, November 17th: Team Brazil: Fireworks Do Brasil from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Fireworks do Brasil has brought its experience in pyrotechnic shows and fireworks trade shows in Italy, where it was founded in 1980. They have been located in Brazil since 2000.

In 2005, they produced what was considered to be the largest pyrotechnic show in Brazil when they did the New Year’s Eve in Copacabana. That same year, they were accepted in the APA as being the only Brazilian company currently registered in the most respected international association, which regulates the sale and safe use of fireworks.

In 2007, they were responsible for the opening and closing pyrotechnics of the XV Pan American Games Rio, and they have since went on to establish themselves as a leader in pyrotechnics and fireworks having presented at several New Year’s Eve shows, concerts, sporting events, TV and DVD recordings, business events, and carnivals.

Cancelled: Team Vietnam: Da Nang Fireworks Display Team, DaNang, Vietnam

Founded 10 years ago, Team Da Nang from Vietnam was the first Vietnamese pyrotechnic team to participate in international fireworks competitions using modern firing equipment. Their team members train abroad and often enhance their skills in pyro-musical choreography.

Team Da Nang has made significant progress each year at the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC) events, with ever more distinctive and attractive displays.

Some of their major achievements include: Vancouver Celebration of Light 2012, Canada: 2nd prize, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2012: 3rd prize, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2011: 3rd prize, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2010: 3rd prize, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2009: Encouraging prize, Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2008: Encouraging prize.

Cancelled: Team Italy: I.P.O.N. Fireworks S.R.L. from Ottaviano, Italy

The name IPON means “Industry Pagano Ottaviano Naples”. The company is located in the city of Ottaviano, near Pompei. After 30 years, they are constantly growing and researching new and more spectacular effects.

The company has developed unforgettable shows around the world and has been awarded with many important international prizes and prestigious participation, including the following:

• XXV° festival international Feu d’artifice de Montecarlo 1990 – first prize
• 1°International wettbewerb Hannover, Germany 1991 – first prize
• International Fireworks design fair, Omagari, Japan 1992 – participation, seventh of 39 companies
• Venus Mediterranea,Tarragona, Spain 1995 – first prize
• 5°International wettbeweb Hannover, Germany 1995 – second prize
• Venus Mediterranea, Tarragona,Spain 1996 – first prize
• L’International Benson & Hedge, Montreal,Canada 1997 – first prize (gold jupiter)
• L’International Benson & Hedge , Montreal, Canada 1998 – second prize (silver jupiter)
• Winner of the winner, Tarragona, Spain, 1999 – first prize
• III Sky Concert, Yokohama, Japan, 1999 – first prize
• Roma Caput Lucis Italy, 2002 – first prize
• XIV Concours de focs Artificial, Tarragona, Spain, 2003 – first prize
• Shanghai music fireworks festival, China, 2003 – first prize
• Le Mondial SAQ, Special 20th Anniversary Edition – La Coupe du Monde SAQ, Montreal 2004 – participation
• Flammende sterne music fireworks festival, Ostfildern, Germany, 2004 – first prize
• XV Gran Premio International, Bilbao, Spain, 2005 – first prize
• Shanghai music fireworks festival, China, 2006 – second prize
• Gorgeous summer night fireworks festival, Sakura, Japan – participation
• Flammende sterne music fireworks festival, Gera, Germany 2009 – second prize
• Huis ten Bosh music fireworks festival, Nagasaki, Japan 2009 – participation
• Shanghai music fireworks festival, China 2009 – second prize
• Music fireworks festival, Donetsk, Ukraina, 2010 – third place
• Flammende sterne music fireworks festival, Ostfildern, Germany 2013 – second prize
• Shanghai Jinshan International Beach music fireworks festival, China, 2014 – second prize
• Huis ten Bosh music fireworks festival, Nagasaki, Japan 2016 – participation and others, and various presence in Italy and other countries, such as Sweden, Grece, Holland, etc.

Cancelled: Team Canada: David Whysall International Fireworks Inc., Canada

David Whysall International Fireworks Inc. has produced several displays for major offshore events, and also competed in international fireworks competitions gaining first place on two occasions. They have fired well over 1000 spectacular displays at Niagara Falls alone!

Some accomplishments include:

  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 1992
  • Guatemala City, Guatemala 1999
  • World Fireworks Championships, U.K 2007 & 2010
  • Da Nang, Vietnam, International Fireworks Competition – First Place
  • GlobalFest International Fireworks Competition – First Place
  • Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

Judging Panel

The decision of the judging panel is final. Teams will be rated as follows:

  • 20 points – Theme and choice of music
  • 20 Points – Creativity
  • 20 Points – Selection of Effects and use within the display
  • 20 Points – Synchronization to the music selection
  • 20 Points – Crowd reaction and appreciation

Following each presentation, jury members will rate the performance on: theme and music, creativity, effects, synchronization and crowd reaction. Awards will be handed out by the city of Niagara Falls Mayor at the closing ceremony on Sunday, November 18th.

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