10 Ways Our Arcade Is Better

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From hundreds of arcade games, Midway rides, a huge selection of prizes, bowling, and good food, here are a gallery of photos proving why the Great Canadian Midway is a family favourite destination in Niagara Falls.


Old Midway Favourites

We have over 300+ arcade games — including old favourites Mom and Dad will remember, such as Skee-ball, Hi-Striker, Pac-Man, Whack-A-Mole, and the Shooting Gallery.

New Favourites

…There’s also new games continuously arriving! Games such as Cruisin’n Blast, Flying Tickets, Baseball Pro, Pop the Lock, and Grand Piano Keys will keep the whole family entertained.


Break A Sweat!

Get moving with games such as Pump Infinity and Dance Dance Revolution!

The Biggest Selection Of Prizes!

This Midway features two floors of excitement and games, which means double the prize selection! We offer prizes¬†galore — it’s a kids’ paradise! The biggest redemption counter is downstairs, with a smaller one upstairs for more variation.


Take A Ride On The Wild West Coaster

The Great Canadian Midway is home to a 6D Motion Experience that that whole family will love called the “Wild West Coaster“. Expect¬†up to 2 G’s of accelleration, special seats that bear 400 movements per second, plus intense wind effects and dazzling light effects.

Shoot Some Ghosts!

As soon as you enter the arcade, you will be met with the most competitive game full of fun, laughter, and some screams!¬†Ghost Blasters Dark Ride¬†sends you and an opponent on a track through a “haunted hotel” geared up with laser guns. Shoots as many ghosts and goblins as you can, and see who gets the highest score. Will you be labelled the “Master Blaster”?


Upper Level Has A Full-Lane Bowling Alley!

Did you know that the average bowler burns 240 calories per hour? It’s true! On the upper level of the Great Canadian Midway, you will find¬†Strike! Rock N’ Bowl, a unique bowling experience that is family-friendly before 10:00 pm, with electronic bumpers that will go up and down¬†for the kids, to an adult only crowd in the evenings, where it turns into glow-in-the-dark, music pumping, bar crowd scene! Eight billiard tables are also located beside the alley.

Incredible Party Packages

One of the best reasons to visit the Great Canadian Midway is the Party Package options. Boston Pizza Clifton Hill is also located within the building, so whether it’s a children’s birthday party, a corporate event, or celebrating an engagement, you will NOT be short on fun! Check out the options¬†such as the “Ultimate Fun Kids Party Package“: $25+Tax & Gratuities gets kids unlimited cheese/pepperoni pizza, unlimited soft drinks, cookies and ice cream, 25 game tokens, plus one hour of bowling!
See all the packages options here. To book your party or inquire by phone call 1-800-801-8557.

An Incredible Online Offer!

The Great Canadian Midway offers an incredible value (online only) of 180 tokens for only $44.25+tax. Simply make your online purchase, print off your confirmation slip and bring it with you! From there, you will have hours of family-fun enjoyment.
The Family Token Offer

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