10 Unique Finds in the Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls

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Unique Finds in the Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls

Without a doubt, if there’s a sweet, salty, or savory craving you are after, the Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls will have it! They have all the usual favourites here, along with some unique finds. Here’s just a few of many unique treats to choose from.
Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks with Chocolate Chips (picture shown above)
These are the perfect combination of both sweet and salty. These are a big hit at Holiday functions and baby showers especially.
Crystal Rock 
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
An old-time specialty, rock candy is made from large sugar crystals. Food colouring is added to the mixture to produce colored candy.
Teeny Tys
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
Not just for sweets and treats, the Fudge Factory also sells a variety of plush Ty products. The newest additions are “Teeny Tys”. They are¬†soft toys that you can collect and stack. Kids are encouraged to make a pyramid or tower out of these adorable finds.
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
These little creatures hitch a ride on backpacks, bicycle handles, pony tails and belt loops. They come complete with a twister pop!
Mini Candy Containers with Scoops
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
These are cute novelty containers filled with your favourite candy and come with a mini candy scoop. Come back to Fudge Factory afterwards to refill them, or use the containers to hold spices — up to you!
Delicious Truffles
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
The Fudge Factory carries much more than plain, delicious chocolate truffles. They carry a wide variety of unique flavours to try!
Fudge Factory, Clifton Hill
Just like the truffles, this store carries so many different varieties of macaroons — you’ll want to try them all!
Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls

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They will dip cheesecake in delicious chocolate in front of your eyes and add a delicious topping of your choice!
Tabasco Chocolate Bars/Wedges
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
Yes, there is such a thing. Tabasco Chocolate’s ingredients are sugar, cocoa liquor processed with alkali, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla, salt, and their special brand dry red flavoring.
Chocolate Dipped Sour Keys 
Fudge Factory, Niagara Falls
It’s sweet and¬†sour, and a customer favourite!

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