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Wild Magic by Greg Frewin

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Experience the magic of illusion with one of the best magicians in the world, Greg Frewin, as he brings his Las Vegas-style performance to the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls, Canada. Recognized by his peers the world over as ‘The International Grand Champion of Magic,’ his 1.5-hour Greg Frewin Wild Magic Show — featuring real tigers and exotic birds from around the globe — has been hailed as jaw-dropping magic in a family-friendly environment. It’s the quintessential component of any Niagara Falls vacation..​

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From a Touch of Magic to the Touch of a Tiger! "The Greg Frewin Wild Magic Show is a must see! At almost 65, I had never seen a live magic show and loved every minute. More amazingly, I had the opportunity to meet and pet Sheira, a beautiful white Siberian tiger – the single most incredible moment of my life! The magic show, however, is only part of a much larger picture. Greg Frewin’s dedication to wildlife preservation and his commitment to the many animals in his life, exotic and domestic, are no illusion. The amazing creatures we see on stage are not simply part of an act but are integral to Greg's life. They live with him and his family on a 10-acre farm outside of Niagara Falls, and they are not caged pets! The videos on the website are a delight to watch, and it is clear that the care and safety of the animals is paramount to Greg and his team. I saw it backstage with my own eyes. Subsequent to the show, I also learned of his recent involvement in the rescue and rearing of a lion cub rejected by his mother, only one of many similar incidents. Whatever else you do in Niagara Falls, don’t miss Greg Frewin’s Wild Magic Show, or the Backstage Experience! I’m returning in June to celebrate my 65th birthday, and I can’t wait to do it all over again!" -Maggie Shaye, Toronto, Canada

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