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Seige of Fort Erie: 28th Annual Event

It is Ontario’s oldest British Fort, built in 1764, and the site of the bloodiest battlefield in Canada from 1814. Old Fort Erie is an amazing structure of Canadian History, that has withstood the test of time despite the Seige of Fort Erie — labeled the bloodiest battle on Canadian soil in 1814.
It was home to one of the last engagements between the British and American forces during the Niagara campaign of the War of 1812. The Americans successfully defended Fort Erie against the British Army but eventually they were forced to abandon it because of shortage of supplies.
Over 3,000 troops were killed and wounded during the Siege of Fort Erie that took place from August 3rd to September 21st, 1814. This month marks the 200th Anniversary of the Seige of Fort Erie, and to commemorate the event, all are welcome to attend the Niagara Parks re-enactment of the Seige of Fort Erie. This is Niagara’s 28th Annual event taking place on Saturday, August 9th – Sunday, August 10, 2014.
Here is a video from last year’s 27th Annual event, so that you can get a feel of what you will expect to see!

Where is Old Fort Erie?

Old Fort Erie is located at 350 Lakeshore Rd., in Fort Erie, ON.
Seige of Fort Erie

Events and Activities
Saturday, August 9th:
This is a full day of events and activities that takes place from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.
**10:00 am – 5:00 pm the Fort is open for the public.
11:00 am: Skirmish: “Buck’s Surrender”
12:00 pm: Uniforms of War
1:00 pm: British Artillery Display’s
2:00 pm: “Chippawa and Lundy’s Lane” Battle
3:00 pm: Militia on the Terre-Plein
4:00 pm: U.S. Artillery Display
8:00 pm: “Drummond’s Night Assault on the Fort”
9:00 pm: Lantern tours through the fort
Sunday, August 10th:
**10:00 am – 5:00 pm the Fort is open for the public.
10:30 am: Memorial service on the South Field
1:00 pm: “The U.S. Sortie”
2:00 pm: Militia on the Terre-Plein
2:30 pm: Artillery Barrage in the Siege Lines
For further information, please call 905-871-0540.
Christine on Seige of Old Fort Erie
Christine Lynn




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