Événement à Niagara Falls

Ici vous trouverez une liste des expositions spéciales, des événements et des festivals dans la région du Niagara.  De l’éclairage des chutes, de spectacles pyrotechniques et des actes de comédie, visitez souvent cette page lors de votre planification!

Niagara Falls Fireworks
Family On Clifton Hill

A Fun-Filled Guide to Enjoying the End of Summer With Your Kids in Niagara Falls

Reading Time:  3 minutes - As summer nears its end, there’s no better place to bid it farewell than the mesmerizing Niagara Falls, coupled with the vibrant Clifton Hill Entertainment District. Picture this: cascading waterfalls, thrilling adventures, and a bustling entertainment hub—all perfect ingredients for a memorable family vacation. Embracing Natural Wonders:The Power and Beauty of Niagara FallsBegin your unforgettable...

Celebration of Nations

List of Upcoming Niagara Festivals and Fairs

Reading Time:  17 minutes - Can you feel that crisp breeze in the air? Have you noticed the leaves gently transitioning to their glorious golden hues? And oh, that unmistakable aroma of pumpkin spice teasing your senses? It can only mean one thing – autumn is just around the corner! 🎃🍁 Let’s be real, who doesn’t adore this enchanting season?...

Breakfast Television’s Steph and Natasha Take on the Niagara Speedway!

Reading Time:  2 minutes - Last week, Stephanie and Natasha from Breakfast Television took on an adrenaline-pumping challenge at Niagara Speedway’s go-kart track right here on Clifton Hill. The friendly competition was on North America’s largest elevated go-kart track and was truly spectacular. The friendly competition showcased the hosts’ competitive spirits, with both gearing up for an exhilarating race. Initially...

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