A Safe Stay in Niagara Falls

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Keeping Your Family Safe While on Vacation in Niagara Falls
The last thing you want while on vacation is an accident or something happening to disrupt or shorten your well-deserved family time. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy a trip without having the kids in your grips the whole time. Sometimes we just needed to be reminded of little tips helping to get you ready to tackle your family vacation.
 Make Your Visit Memorable for the Right Reasons

 If you’re out for March break or planning your summer vacation Niagara Falls is a great option. Although safety starts before you even leave the house.  If you are driving make sure your children’s car seats are all properly fastened in the car, you don’t want to have to pull over on a busy road because the baby is tipping over after you merged onto the highway.

 There are so many things to see and do sometimes it can get overwhelming for the kids, they get excited and wander off.  I know I’ve had to chase after my girls, not a fun time. Parents we should definitely not let ourselves get side tracked.  With roads and crowds it’s important to always have an eye on the kids. Playing in the water is fun, but be extra cautious.  You never think it’s going to happen to you… better to be safe then sorry right!  So stay off the cell, if you have to be talking still be watching, and it goes without saying never leave kids unattended. 
The Falls itself has a safety fence, but children like to climb so you can never be too vigilant, this means not allowing your child to get up on the fence while you stand back to take a picture.  There are many friendly people passing by who will gladly help you take a photo.
To make sure the family stays together bring a favourite stuffed toy for both of you to hold.  If you have more then one child bring a ribbon and all the kids can grab onto it while you walk.  A lot of daycares also use a long rope with attached rings for all the little hands to hold.   Some families will all wear the same colour shirts to stand out in a crowd.
Exploring all the safe, kid friendly activities along Clifton Hill is one of the highlights of Niagara Falls, but it’s a good idea to set rules out before hand.

  • Kids shouldn’t be where they can’t see you.
  • Don’t talk to strangers.
  • Before hand point out the safe places for help. A ticket booth, retail shop or Tim Horton’s, and point out the staff uniforms.

 You can stay more focused on paying attention to your kids if your not so worried about what you’re doing next.  Planning your itinerary is a good idea. A list of attractions, packages and fun things to do can be found at www.cliftonhill.com you can also pick up the Clifton Hill Fun Pass which will help keep a few dollars IN your pocket during your visit too.
In the end it’s all about common sense, sometimes we do need to be reminded, and that’s okay! Parents we have a lot on our minds these days! Following these tips can help you enjoy a safe and sane vacation with the family.

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