During/After the Nik Wallenda Walk

Reading Time:  < 1 minute

Well history was made! Nik Wallenda successfully crossed Niagara Falls on a highwire, and as it seemed without breaking a sweat.  He even took the time to be interviewed while crossing.  He did wear the harness but over all the event was amazing.  An estimated 120,000 people were in attendance.  It was incredible to be down in the mix of everything for the event.  Even though not everyone had the greatest view the crowds cheered Nik on as he crossed with ease.  Hearts were pounding, and the moment he reached the end the cheers were like a roaring thunder overpowering even the mighty Niagara Falls!   The streets of Clifton Hill were packed afterwards, but everyone seemed to be quite happy with be a part of the hype!


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