Justin Willman

Justin Willman - Magic for Humans

Justin Willman - Magic for Humans in Person Tour

Avalon Theatre

Saturday, February 24th 2024 9:00pm

Prepare to have your mind thoroughly boggled while your laughter erupts with Justin Willman, the master of mystifying comedy. Most famously, he's the genius behind the Netflix sensation, Magic For Humans. However, you might recall seeing him on several television programs, like The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Ellen, and Conan.

Perhaps you remember him as the young magician you hired in the suburbs of St. Louis during the '90s. If you're not yet acquainted with Justin, he's a magician and comedian extraordinaire who excels in the art of turning skeptics into believers or, at the very least, into hearty laughers.

His live performances are nothing short of mind-bending and sidesplitting, and you'll likely find yourself lying awake at night, wondering just how he pulled off those incredible feats. Beyond his magic, Justin is a devoted dad, a loving husband, and, importantly, he has absolutely no qualifications as a licensed boat mechanic (you'd need a different Justin Willman for that).