Close up of Niagara Falls

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Being a Pisces it may be the water sign in me but I spend a lot of time down by the falls, just soaking it all in. Its such an amazing feeling when you can feel the rush of the water, and the mist in the air leaving you with such an incredible rush of good energy. Also it’s interesting I find there is such a good vibe from everyone who is at the waters edge walking along, people from different walks of life, and different nationalities all envying the same thing, it gives you a sense of comradery. You can sit there and gaze, or just stroll along the parkway taking in the falls from all angles…kind of like I did, check it out!

As you noticed Clifton Hill snuck in there too. I like to think of “The Street of Fun by the Falls” as the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! As if Niagara Falls wasn’t beautiful enough, you can start or end your viewing on a street filled with fun things to do for the entire family. For more info on Clifton Hill click here.

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