Accessible Niagara: Getting Around Niagara With Mobility Impairments

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*Pictured Above: the Niagara SkyWheel. This attraction contains 2 gondolas fully wheelchair accessible*
If you are planning on travel to Niagara, but someone in your party has mobility issues, there is a website devoted to assist you with your holiday or day trip planning. Accessible Niagara will help to alleviate some of your stress by taking the initiative to test out some of Niagara Falls most popular attractions and report back on which attractions, restaurants and landmarks are easily accessible. You want to be able to fully enjoy your Niagara Falls experience, and Accessible Niagara is a great online resource to make your travel planning to this city a breeze.
Accessible Niagara was founded in the 1990’s by Linda Crabtree, a Niagara native with a condition known as “Charcot-Marie-Tooth” disease (CMT), also known as hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (HMSN). She hasn’t walked in more than 20 years and uses an electric scooter both outdoors and inside for mobility. Linda set out to make it a mission to help others with similar impairments live a more comfortable life by striving to find and locate those places within Niagara that make traveling an ease.
While navigating through her website, it should be pointed out that within her “Links” section, she also has included accessibility information websites to various other countries around the world, so it’s a great idea to bookmark this site if you plan on travel to anywhere else outside of Canada. Places such as California, Portugal and New Zealand are touched upon, along with many others from some of the hottest points of travel and tourism to date.
No Matter the Niagara Adventure You Want – It’s Covered 
Accessible Niagara
*Pictured Above: Linda on the south side of Clifton Hill — click here for a newspaper article that features which attractions & restaurants she recommends on Clifton Hill.*
Whether you are planning a vacation full of taking in fun attractions on Clifton Hill, an adventurer’s vacation taking in Niagara’s most beautiful scenery (Niagara attractions), or a wining and dining and theatre lover’s trip, Linda has been there with her electric scooter and has constructed a list of the wheelchair accessible facilities that she has been to — right down to wheelchair ramps and the washroom facilities. See the report on attractions here.
She has stayed at a wide variety of hotels in Niagara Falls. Click here to check those out before you book your stay at a Niagara Falls hotel.
No matter your vacation interests, Accessible Niagara even has sample itineraries laid out for your convenience.
Wheelchair and scooter users wanting to visit Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada will find more than 20 barrier-free attractions and services in Niagara Falls on Wheels: Seeing is Believing, a video produced with closed captioning by

Linda is open to suggestions and recommendations, as well as looking into attractions within Niagara Falls that you would like assessed for a future visit to this city. If enough time is allowed, she is willing to check them out — she may have already done so! Accessible Niagara will answer any mobility questions that you may have about this region.
If you have visited Niagara and had an interesting time, please take a few minutes to tell Linda what you did, what you liked, and what you’d recommend.
Contact her via email:  [email protected].
Christine on Niagara Falls Photography
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