Tips to Plan a Weekend Getaway to Remember in Niagara Falls

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If cost and/or finding the time to travel is difficult for you, then perhaps all you need is to plan a weekend getaway in Niagara Falls. Get the most out of your mini-vacation by making it the most enjoyable couple of days spent here.

Plan a weekend getaway

Pick A Hotel That Speak To Your Interests

Does your family enjoy waterparks? Choose the Sheraton on the Falls for quick access and room packages that feature the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark. A little further away from the tourist hustle and bustle you may pick the Americana Waterpark Resort & Spa on Lundy’s Lane for a quieter stay.

Are you looking to be close to all the family fun attractions while situated only a short walk to view the Falls? Choose hotels such as the Howard Johnson Hotel by the Falls or the Niagara Falls Courtyard by Marriott which also feature packages that cater to family fun.

What about if you are on the opposite side of the spectrum and you are travelling as a couple and prefer a more “outdoorsy” getaway? We have that too! Popular campsites such as Campark Resorts or Jellystone Niagara are available to suit the nature lovers.

plan a weekend getawayWhether you wish to be closer to picnicking at the Niagara Gorge or right in the swing of the things on the “Street of Fun”, you’ll want to choose a Niagara Falls hotel that speaks to your interests with as little driving back and forth as possible.

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Bring A Travel Companion — or Two!

Niagara Falls is full of relaxation for the solo traveler, but there’s definitely more fun to be had with a buddy or two! Attractions such as the Niagara SkyWheel, The Hornblower Niagara Crusies, MistRider Zipline to the Falls, and the Whirpool Jet Boat Tours are simply all that more exciting when you have brought a friend to share the laughter and memories with!

The Ultimate Fun with friends in Niagara Falls is with the Clifton Hill Fun Pass. Only $29.95+HST each for SIX attractions!

Plan a Weekend Getaway

Leave Your Phone on Airplane Mode the Majority of the Time

It’s tempting now that our phones keep us in touch with the world via social media, news at the tip of our fingers, the urge to share every photo from your trip highlights to the food you eat, to want to bring along your phone everywhere you go. It almost seems like a complete necessity, but the truth of the matter is, just 15 years ago we managed just fine.

We are so attached to our phones now that we take photos to remember the moments — but while not fully being in the moment and enjoying each others company in the present. Obviously, this isn’t always the case, but if you tend to be distracted by your phone, it really is great to disconnect and only use the phone for pictures — save sharing them for the time being.

Take a break from business calls and emails. Tell yourself that you will turn on your phone only briefly in the morning or the evening. Spend quality time with your companion(s), and enjoy the beauty that Niagara Falls holds from hiking to simply standing by the natural wonder for the moment and breathe.

Afterwards, you can use social media to your advantage and start sharing the photos you took by tagging the respective businesses that you frequented. Many places will give you added exposure by asking to share your photos and will link to your accounts. For example, if you are a Travel Blogger or an up and coming Photographer, this is one of the best ways to utilize your skills. Research ahead where you plan on visiting and follow their social media accounts for the potential chance to win something amazing just for reaching out and connecting with them.

Leave Copies of Everything with a Loved One

plan a weekend getawayNothing can ruin a trip more than facing the possibility of a lost passport, wallet, purse, or your credit cards. Take pictures of all your ID documents, and make sure you have your credit card numbers saved somewhere secure.
Take advantage of hotels that have a safe, and try to avoid bringing all your items with you on your excursions. They can easily get dropped or misplaced while doing many of Niagara’s exciting attractions. You could set down your purse in a taxi or a bus and leave it in there if you are distracted by carrying souvenirs or bags from shopping at our malls and boutiques. This leads me back up to the first point of finding a hotel that speaks to your interests. If you are already situated within the vicinity of attractions that you wish to frequent, than locking up your passports and important documents in your hotel and easily walking to and from where you wish to go makes sense. Stress-free vacationing!

Save Travel Costs While Parking in One Lot for the Day in the Center of it All

This is a large lot located off Clifton Hill and Victoria Avenue. You are short walk from the Fallsview Casino, the Skylon Tower, Queen Victoria Park, viewing the Niagara Falls, shopping options, and all of Niagara’s hottest attractions, including the up and coming Niagara Speedway attraction to be opened in the Spring of 2018 (projected date of June 1st).

Plan a weekend getaway

Directions to this lot

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