15 Amazing Travel Hacks

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Does preparing for travel stress you out? Here are 15 travel hacks to help alleviate some of the stress associated with going on a trip.
1. Book through the week: Unless you have kids in school, free up some money by booking your trip during midweek. Rates usually go up Friday’s, and then tend to drop down by Monday on both airfare and hotels. Generally in my experience, the best days to book are Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s.
*Check out the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill’s midweek rates* (Niagara Falls Travel)
travel hacks
2. Photocopy your personal identification: Scan your passport, driver’s license, and birth certificate before leaving on a trip, and email the information to yourself. This is just in case any of these get lost or stolen during your trip. At least now you have a copy that you know can’t get lost!
3. Pack jewelry smartly: Placing necklaces and earrings in those side compartments in the luggage never worked for me. Necklaces always got tangled up, and it was just too time consuming to sift through and find everything. Instead, buy those pill containers that are labeled from Monday to Sunday. Separate each of the items on there — plus if you are really organized, you can plan out your jewelry for each day of your trip.
4. Saran wrap your liquids: I once had mouthwash open and spill all over my clothes. Now I take off all the lids of my liquids, saran wrap them, then put the lids back on. It works.
5. Temporary tattoos: This may sound silly initially, but you can purchase temporary tattoos that you can place on your child that have your phone number in case he/she gets lost. Put one on your child if you are headed anywhere busy. You can purchase them online on such websites like tottoos.org. If that doesn’t appeal to you, simply use a pen and write your phone number on a spot of your child that won’t risk getting washed off.
6. Use Social Media to your advantage: Are you traveling and need an answer to a question and can’t get ahold of anyone? Your best way to get the answers to your questions — and generally the quickest — is via social media channels such as Twitter. Just like texting, people tend to respond quicker in a method that doesn’t seem as “personal” as a phone call. Plus, if it’s a business, they will want to answer efficiently when it’s put out there for everyone to see.
Have a question about Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls? I’d be happy to answer your concerns via our Twitter account!
travel hacks
7. Use band-aids to childproof outlets in hotel rooms.
8. Stock up on the hotel bathroom freebies: Most importantly, be sure to keep those little bottles of hair conditioners. They are a great substitute for moisturizing cream, shaving cream, and even makeup remover.
9. Pay attention to the signs: For those that don’t know, when you are driving to an unfamiliar place and you are unsure what side the exit is going to be on and you see signs like the one below, know that the “Exit” signs listed at the top are placed to the right and the left of the sign for a reason. Example: Exit 4 and Exit 3A will be on the right, and Exit 3B, will be to the left.
travel hacks
10. Print this out — just in case:
travel hacks
11. Use tissue paper: To reduce wrinkling in clothes stuffed in a suitcase, use tissue paper to prevent that from happening.
12. Better yet, ROLL your clothes rather than folding them. This also provides more space. 
13. Tic Tac containers: Use these to store easy-to-lose items such as hair pins and elastics.
14. Forgot your USB for your phone? Use the USB outlet on the TV in the hotel that you are staying at to charge.
15. Bring a power strip with you for extra outlets — especially if sharing a hotel room with numerous people and their handheld devices.
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