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The choices of hotels in Niagara Falls are endless, but if you really want to save your money, check out the exclusive Build-A-Package offers and further Niagara Falls hotel savings at
Let’s start with the location of the Clifton Hill Niagara Falls Hotel. The proximity to the Niagara Falls attractions and the Niagara Falls themselves can’t be beat. This hotel is situated right in the center of all the action, on Clifton Hill. The “Street of Fun by the Falls”, as it is also commonly referred to, has transformed over the years into the hub of the tourist district, second only to the Falls. It is in the heart of the tourist entertainment in Niagara Falls and is inundated with family fun attractions such as the Niagara SkyWheel, the Great Canadian Midway, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum and wax museums such as the Movieland Wax Museum. It is also only a five-minute walk to viewing the Falls, since the bottom of Clifton Hill meets with the Niagara Parkway where you will find the Niagara Falls.
Niagara Falls hotel savings
*Pictured Above: Exiting the lobby of the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, right onto Clifton Hill!*
Don’t forget that when you factor in Niagara Falls hotel savings, parking tends to get overlooked. Some of the local big chain hotels will charge you $20+ for parking per DAY during your stay there, regardless of the time of year that you visit. The Comfort Inn Clifton Hill will not charge you parking fees at all during certain days in the year and when they do, your parking rates are reasonably priced, especially for the location of the hotel. The parking fees add up quickly, and a lot of the time hotels will conceal this information from you until the final stages of your booking.
Accessibility and Savings
Also, consider again some of the popular Niagara Falls attractions that are included in many hotel packages. The Fallsview Indoor Waterpark and the Greg Frewin Theatre are some of the more popular add-ons that the hotels will offer their guests, BUT are you actually saving money? Before you commit to a package, consider two things: accessibility and actual savings. How far is the attraction from your hotel? Will you need to tack on cab fare? Is your hotel accessible via the WEGO route? (click here to see if it is), and if you take your own car, how much is the parking at the attraction parking lot? As for savings, before you commit to a package, do your research ahead of time and actually see what an individual cost of a ticket is versus the package “savings”. I can tell you in all honesty that these package selections in the Build-A-Package are the best value in that a) The Fallsview Waterpark and the Greg Frewin are both only a five-minute walk from the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, thus saving you both transportation costs and parking fees, and b) Our package selections that we receive from an attraction at a discount, we pass right on to the consumer, so that you will get the best possible deal. I looked into a few of the hotels in this area and found that what the attractions are charging alone is the exact same price that some of the hotels are passing on to their guests inside their packages, passing it off as a deal. Take a look at our selections in the Build-A-Package and compare it to the retail price…you will see for yourself the savings that you receive.
Niagara Falls hotel savings
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Here’s another big one. First off, you will save huge at the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill with the “most important meal of the day”, your breakfast. Breakfast is a free deluxe full breakfast buffet served in the Poolside Café on every day that you stay with us. Check out some of the other Niagara Falls hotels in the area and you will see that they don’t offer breakfast for free at their hotel. They may offer you a $20-$30 voucher for a nearby restaurant, but here’s another thing you should research ahead of time — the menu of the restaurant in question. Let’s say the hotel that you are looking to stay at is offering a voucher for $50-70 off a meal for two. You think that’s quite a deal right? Now type in the restaurant and check out the menu prices. Sometimes, you may find that a dinner for two is $250-$300 average. Don’t be fooled by discount vouchers. Now add-on any parking fees that these restaurants may charge. Suddenly that discount doesn’t seem too remarkable anymore, does it?
At the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, we offer as one of our Build-A-Package options, a Kelsey’s Clifton Hill dining voucher where you spend only $10 for a $20 Kelsey’s Clifton Hill Dining Voucher. The Kelsey’s menu items are diverse and inexpensive to begin with, so that 50% savings will go further than a voucher of a higher priced value at an expensive restaurant would.
Kelsey’s is also connected to the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, so there is no parking charge that you need to factor in.
Many hotels will try to pass along Niagara Falls hotel savings to you, but you need to read between the lines and do a little bit of research. Dining discounts, attraction discounts and spa discounts are rampant, but check out the prices at these places that are offered in their packages before you make your final hotel selection. What are the menu costs and service costs of these establishments to begin with? It may surprise you how little you actually save in certain hotel packages.
For more information on our Build-A-Package options click the icon below.
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