Quiz: How Much Do you Know About the Civic Holiday?

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Every August many Canadians take the Civic Holiday Monday off. The holiday was formally established in 1875, when the first Monday of August was designated as the August Civic Holiday. Today, many employees use an extra paid day to start their summer vacation.

In Canada, Civic Holiday has several different meanings between provinces and municipalities and not all employers observe the holiday. From celebrating a province individually, celebrating national icons like Terry Fox or John Simcoe or simply a Cultural Heritage Day,

Take our Civic Holiday quiz to find out!


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#1. What province's lieutenant governor was John Simcoe?

#2. Different titles for the August holiday are used in many Ontario communities. Identify the FALSE one below if you can.

#3. The first mentions of Civic Holiday being observed in Canada date back to?

#4. When was the first Civic Holiday in Toronto?

#5. When was the first Civic Holiday in Winnipeg?

#6. In 1974, which Canadian province was the last to officially observe the August holiday?

#7. Which province does not formally observe the August civic holiday?

#8. The August holiday is observed for various reasons in different provinces. Can you tell which one is fictitious?

#9. Is the first Monday in August a civic holiday in Quebec, Newfoundland, and the Yukon?

#10. The holiday Monday in August, often known as "Civic Holiday," is traditionally observed on:

#11. In the middle of summer 1869, what city's mayor organised a day of recreation for city residents?


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