Have a Cheerful Holiday Season on Clifton Hill

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Join the holiday festivities on Clifton Hill! A key player in Niagara Falls Tourism, the Clifton Hill promenade invites visitors beyond the summer season, offering year-round attractions. Don’t limit it to just a warm-weather escape; Clifton Hill boasts numerous indoor activities, promising a comfortable and enjoyable experience in colder months. Discover the reasons why Clifton Hill should top your list this holiday season with our five compelling highlights. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, where the winter warmth seamlessly blends with year-round excitement, showcasing Clifton Hill as a destination that transcends seasonal boundaries. Explore the holiday spirit with style and energy at the heart of Clifton Hill’s perpetual allure.

1. We are open 365 days a year, including the Holidays

Join the excitement this season! Christmas Holidays is a time when people break free from work and head to Niagara Falls, which draws a staggering 30 million visitors annually. They’re not just coming for the view; they crave the thrill of our family attractions, delectable restaurants, and trendy shops. Guess what? Clifton Hill doesn’t take a day off—we’re open 365 days a year, ensuring your stay in Niagara Falls isn’t just a rest stop but an adventure!

Enter our world of perpetual excitement with attractions like the climate-controlled Niagara SkyWheel—a colossal “observation wheel” that’s not just bigger but exudes sophistication.

Stay connected with Clifton Hill’s Hours of Operation, a regularly updated guide that makes trip planning easy this winter. Don’t settle for ordinary; choose a getaway where every day is a chance to dive into exhilaration and endless possibilities!

2. Who would have thought? We are romantic too!

While Clifton Hill may not be your typical romantic destination, it’s time to reconsider! The Winter Festival of Lights, spanning the winter season, transforms Clifton Hill into a captivating Winter Wonderland aglow with romantic lights. From the peak of Clifton Hill along Victoria Avenue to the base at the Oakes Garden Theatre, you’ll find Christmas displays that craft an idyllic scene. Embrace the unexpected charm as Clifton Hill becomes a Winter Wonderland during the festival, inviting everyone to bask in the glow of lights and experience a new facet of romantic allure amid the festive atmosphere.

3. Gifts Galore!

Discover an array of holiday delights on Clifton Hill! Whether you’re hunting for a distinctive Christmas gift at the Canada Trading Company, embellishing your tree and home with festive ornaments, or assembling a delectable gift basket of fudge and treats at the Fudge Factory, we’ve got it all covered. Explore the unique offerings at the Canada Trading Company, and if decisions are tough, opt for the convenient gift certificates available in $25 increments. These versatile certificates can be utilized at both the Canada Trading Company and the Fudge Factory on Clifton Hill, ensuring your holiday shopping is not only diverse but effortlessly delightful.

4. Dining Options

Indulge in family-friendly dining at both Boston Pizza Clifton Hill and Kelsey’s Clifton Hill, where big menus cater to everyone’s taste. Boston Pizza promises a lively atmosphere with festive décor both inside and out, complemented by the adjacent Strike Game Zone for added bonding fun. Meanwhile, Kelsey’s Clifton Hill offers a more laid-back, classic setting with a diverse menu appealing to all taste buds. Both restaurants remain open throughout the holiday season, providing the perfect venues for enjoyable family gatherings. Whether you’re craving a vibrant ambiance or a relaxed setting, our Clifton Hill eateries ensure a memorable dining experience for the whole family.

5. Make Memories With Family-Bonding Attractions

Explore family-friendly fun on Clifton Hill, where attractions cater to all ages. During the Christmas Break, not only do we extend our hours, but we also offer fantastic opportunities for family bonding at attractions like the Great Canadian Midway and Wizard’s Golf The Great Canadian Midway boasts over 300 games across 70,000 square feet, ensuring entertainment for toddlers to adults with a variety of games and interactive experiences. Dive into the glow-in-the-dark enchantment of Wizard’s Golf, featuring 18 competitive miniature golf holes adorned with extravagant exhibits of wizards, trolls, fairies, castles, and dragons. From novice to expert, Wizard’s Golf guarantees fun for all ages, creating memorable moments for the whole family.

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