“A Mothers Day in Niagara Falls”

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Mothers Day in Niagara Falls
72% Of Moms Want More …
Sure we have birthdays and holidays, but there is one special day each year, when all the hard work moms put into raising children is remembered, and it is Mother’s Day!  The day you get to say thank you, and give back to her.  Flowers are a good start, but a Forbes poll says mom wants a little bit more this year.
A Perfect Reason for a Getaway with Mom
You can really show mom you care with a trip to Niagara Falls this year.  Spoil her with a ride on the world famous Niagara Skywheel and all of it’s gorgeous views of the falls, when she gets off she will feel like she took a mini trip to the spa.  We all know moms deserve a break from the kitchen, and with the great options on Clifton Hill pizza loving moms can try a slice from one of Boston Pizza’s famous meat pies.  Your mom will also find a lot to choose from on Kelsey’s new menu, while up the street Mama Mia’s boasts amazing Italian cuisine.  If you would like to see more restaurants click here.
Chocolate, and Candy and Fudge OH MY!
Now mom is full, happy, and even held off for dessert! Of course there are scrumptious offerings on the restaurant’s menu, or you could wander a few steps down Clifton Hill, and beside the Great Canadian Midway is The Fudge Factory.  Remember the survey from earlier? Well 37% moms also mentioned they would love candied gifts for their special day! You will find treats, and other irresistibly delectable items, and maybe buy a little extra snack for later! Mom won’t have to feel bad about a little extra sugar in her diet, because Clifton Hill leads right to the Niagara Parkway where you can take a long walk through flower lined paths by the falls.
Good News Moms
The National Retailer Federation says the average person will be spending more on their mother this year! Total spending could reach 18.6 billion.  If you are going to spend the money why not get something you know mom will want, time with family, a get away from everyday life and to be treated to a little something special.  In Niagara Falls you get bang for your buck…Relaxing attractions with breath taking views, a meal she doesn’t have to cook, chocolates all back dropped in the beautiful scene of one of the greatest wonders of the world, Niagara Falls.
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