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Save Money in Niagara Falls

Tips To Save Money in Niagara Falls

Tips To Save Money in Niagara Falls

People are always looking for discounts when they travel, especially lately with the price of gas skyrocketing, making it financially tight to get away — if at all. So how do you save money when visiting Niagara Falls attractions, diningevents and other popular tourism destinations?

Be on the lookout for coupon books! 

Save money in Niagara Falls

*Pictured Above: Brochure and Coupon rack in the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill Hotel*

It’s next to impossible to enter in any Niagara Falls hotel or information kiosk without spotting a rack of pamphlets. Some are brochures, some are brochures with perforated coupons attached, and many are full of coupon books. Do not bypass these racks! Discounts are generally anywhere between $1.00 off/person to $2.00/person for attractions (such as the Niagara SkyWheel), to 20% off of products and souvenirs (such as those at Souvenir City). Many hotels, such as here at the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, even feature maps of the area framed by coupons on local hot-spots in the area.

I spoke to Dan Pasco, the man behind Rev Publishing Inc., about the new Save-A-Buck app for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android, just recently introduced in October 2013. After his success with the launch of the Save-A-Buck coupon booklet in 2003, just 10 years later he set his eyes on making saving money a little easier — with the launch of this FREE app literally at your fingertips.

Save Money in Niagara Falls

*Pictured Above: Dan Pasco, CEO of Rev Publishing*

Dan Pasco is the Publisher, President and CEO of Rev Publishing Inc., and his entrepreneurial expertise and experiential knowledge within the media industry accounts for the success of his trademark line of publications, which produces and distributes thirty-seven magazines and three savings publications. Recently, Pasco has expanded Rev’s vision towards a digital, online platform, establishing a wider reach, moving towards a global market.

Things get a little easier with this new app. No longer do you need to carry around an abundance of magazines and coupon books in order to save money in Niagara Falls. With the introduction of this convenient option, it limits the amount of paperwork that you need to carry around with you on your travels. Simply search for the Canadian city that you are traveling to (in this case “Niagara Falls”), and then search for coupons from these components:



*What To Do





When you select your interest, you will then be directed to a screen that lists the contact phone number, website, hours of operation, a map on how to get there, and a little bit of a synopsis of your choice, and then select “Get This Coupon” for the QR code to be scanned right off your phone.

You will also find is also a part of Rev’s digital media successes (and a feature on the Save-A-Buck phone app). This reaches out to both locals and travelers to the region with continuous messaging that invites consumers to explore the services, products and experiences offered at incredible savings.  It features daily deals and coupons on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in the area.

The Save-A-Buck app doesn’t just try to offer ways to save money in Niagara Falls though. You can also select the “Calendar of Events” button and be directed towards an online calendar in which you select your date of interest and see what is happening in that region. Plan ahead, see what there is to do in Niagara Falls on a specific date, and then potentially purchase tickets online with this easy to use app! For example, Kelsey’s Niagara will be featured in events to advertise the daily patio entertainment, or the Bodies Niagara Exhibit, which is a limited time event to enter Niagara Falls.

Do download the Save-A-Buck FREE app click here.

Check out the In-Room Magazines at your Hotel

Rev Publishing Inc. is responsible for a wide variety of In-Room Magazines in Niagara. Magazines such as Today Magazine, On The Boulevard, Niagara-on-the-Lake, and the Marriott Fallsview Gateway Magazine can be found as part of your table-tops at most Niagara Hotels. These feature information on Niagara, and a little beyond, bringing you the products you want, and the information you need pertaining to the region of Niagara that you are staying.

Here at the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, we offer Today Magazine. Have a look inside and you will discover attractions to visit, local news, lifestyle & culture, dining options in and around the area and so much more. The magazine also features additional coupons inside. It’s one of the most useful tools that you will find to get acquainted with the city.

Save money in Niagara Falls

Search Social Media for Deals

Social Media is all around us now and the majority of companies use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest especially to advertise their new products and services. Remember that these companies want you to try out their attraction first and foremost, so by using social media to introduce coupons and contests, it is one of the best ways to advertise. Not only will you get a deal, but they will potentially make money and gain more followers.

Currently we are holding a contest. You could potentially win an overnight stay at the Comfort Inn Clifton Hill, plus some attraction and dining vouchers. Click here for information on how to enter. Remember, you benefit and we get the opportunity to introduce to you our Clifton Hill attractions!

Christine on how to save money in niagara falls

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