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The Top 10 Most Popular Arcade Games at the Great Canadian Midway

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The Great Canadian Midway on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls, Canada has well over 300 games to choose from, which may seem overwhelming to some. Which games do you choose to play? I asked the Great Canadian Midway technicians what the most popular arcade games are by both customer request and frequent use. This is from a combination of customer enjoyment, plus ticket payout to redeem for prizes to take home.

Here is the Top 10 Most Popular Arcade Games at the Great Canadian Midway to date (in no particular order):

Big Bass Wheel

most popular arcade games

Players step up and pull the handle to spin the big wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets. For an even bigger catch, a Big Bass Bonus has been added where players can win up to 1000 tickets for a perfect spin.

Tower of Tickets

most popular arcade games

This plays up to 4 players. You must push the button to engage the sweeping arm in an attempt to try to knock off the tower of tickets on the revolving playfield. Players have to time it just right in order to win the tower of ticket bundles worth various ticket values.



Skeeball is similar to bowling except it is played on a shorter inclined lane with fist-sized balls. The player aims to get the ball to fall into a hole rather than knock down pins. The object of the game is to collect as many points as possible by rolling balls up an incline and into the designated point value holes.

Jurassic Park

most popular arcade games

In this game you must rescue the dinosaurs on an island using your high-powered tranquilizer gun to subdue menacing dinosaurs and restore order to the island.

Monster Drop

Monster Drop

Time the drop of the high energy ball so that it falls through the Jackpot Value, the Mystery Value, or the Ticket Win Values. With this game, even if the player misses those slots, the ball will bounce around before falling into any hole, so everyone becomes a winner!

Zombie Snatcher

most popular arcade games

Play individually or up to 6 players. There are 40 ticket prize pucks ready to be snatched by the players Zombie arm. Will you be able to skillfully hit the JACKPOT??

Hi Striker

Hi Striker

This is the classic carnival game where you swing an oversized hammer and try to ring the bell. The stronger the force, the higher the score!

Walking Dead

most popular arcade games

Based on the wildly popular TV show, you are armed with an authentic crossbow controller. Take aim to take your shot at the undead and rescue the innocent.

Tip: Aim for the head!

Mario Kart GP DX

most popular arcade games

In Grand Prix mode, players can compete through 40 rounds over five selectable cups. With over 20 types of karts that can specifically trigger over 90 types of items, you’ll have endless fun!

DC Superhero’s

most popular arcade games

The DC Superheroes arcade game is a token and card pusher arcade game in which the players try to press the button to rotate the large wheel on the back wall of the cabinet and drop a token through a peg maze. If the player times it just right they can get the token through the “Bonus Drop” area of the maze which will stop the bonus spinner above it which will drop bonus tokens or cards onto the playfield in order for players to collect cards and win tickets.

There are (7) “Hero” cards for players to collect, and there are also (7) “Villain” cards for players to collect. If players collect both the hero set bonus and the villain set bonus they can turn them in together for Super Card Bonus.

For only $44.25+tax, you will get a heap of tokens that will give you access to these top 10 Most Popular Arcade Games, plus hundreds more at Niagara’s largest family entertainment complex!

Buy them here:

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