Get the GO Transit $10 weekend pass for Holiday Weekends!

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For Holiday Long weekends, GO Transit will be offering their $10 weekend pass which includes travel to and from Niagara Falls starting on Saturday and will allow you to travel all day long on Saturday OR Sunday OR Monday. You can also upgrade to the $15 multi day pass which allows you to travel all weekend long – Saturday AND Sunday AND Monday; This allows for overnight stays! With either pass, you pay just one low fare for unlimited travel between your origin point and your final destination!

Either weekend pass will also be accepted for GO Transit service to and from Niagara Falls. Weekend passes can only be purchased in advance at GO-E-Ticket.

Weekend service is provided via Lakeshore East, Lakeshore West (all the way to Niagara Falls), and Barrie, so there are many of options to select from.

How Does The Pass Work?

  • Using the passes tab, select your station of origin and your intended destination (the furthest point that you plan to travel to).
  • Next, select either the $10 One Day Pass or the $15 Weekend Pass.
  • Choose the number of passes that you need for your party. Remember kids 12 and under ride free!
  • When you’ve completed your purchase, the online pass will be emailed to you.
  • Remember to activate your pass on your smartphone five minutes prior to boarding a GO bus or train.
  • Enjoy unlimited travel between your chosen points, all day or weekend long!
  • These passes are only available online – not at stations or by using PRESTO. So take a look at our system map and plan your trips now!

On Holidays, GO will run its Long Weekend schedule for the Niagara Falls GO Train service. For all other service, the Friday train and bus schedules will apply on July 1. Regular GO Train and bus service will resume on Friday, July 2.
GO is pleased to make it easy for passengers to zip between Niagara Falls and Toronto. Travelling with GO is an excellent option for getting to and from the many downtown and GTA Long Weekend celebrations.

For specific train and bus schedule information, visit the Schedules section at

GO Transit is the Province of Ontario’s interregional public transit system linking Toronto with the surrounding regions of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). GO carries nearly 55 million passengers a year in an extensive network of train and bus services that spans over 10,000 square kilometres. GO Transit is a division of Metrolinx, an agency of the Province of Ontario. Follow GO on Twitter and Facebook.

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