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Accidents For Kids While On Vacation

5 Common Accidents For Kids While On Vacation

If you have a child, you know that accidents are inevitable. I can’t remember the last time my son didn’t have a bruise of some kind. Here are 5 common accidents for kids while on vacation and how to treat them as per ...

War of 1812

Tuesday Trivia: Niagara and the War of 1812

Welcome to Tuesday Trivia! I will tackle you with questions on varying subjects on our amazing city of Niagara Falls, Canada to challenge your knowledge on how much you know about this amazing city. Today’s topic is Niagara and the War of ...

Niagara region beaches

5 Popular Niagara Region Beaches

*Pictured Above: Crystal Beach (photo cred: Summer is here! Here is a list of 5 popular Niagara Region beaches to be sure to visit this Summer. 1. Crystal Beach/Bay Beach Within the town of Fort Erie is this tiny ...

Niagara Falls Daredevils

Niagara Summer of Thrills

Niagara Falls has never had anything like this before! There have always been daredevils and stuntmen drawing crowds to the Niagara Falls such as Nik Wallenda, and the late Jay Cochrane, who would walk a wire between the Hilton Hotel and the Skylon ...