Niagara Engagement and Wedding Photography on Clifton Hill

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With Spring on our tail, we are heading into wedding season. In the Niagara Region in particular, there are so many beautiful places to choose to get wedding photos done.

Niagara engagement and wedding photography opportunities are everywhere, such as taking photos in the beautiful Niagara Parks (Queen Victoria Park, Oakes Garden, Niagara Parks Botanical GardensDufferin Islands etc.) to local hidden gems.

 *Pictured Above: A picturesque scene in the Oakes Garden Theatre*

One of the growing trends in Niagara Falls lately has been to get Niagara engagement and wedding photography done on Clifton Hill. It is the complete opposite of the outdoorsy Spring wedding photography, in that you jump from a quiet setting, and add to it a louder, lights and dazzle element of fun to your photos.
I wanted to use this opportunity to showcase a few photos on Clifton Hill so that you can see for yourself some recent photography done in just this manner. You can then determine if taking your Niagara engagement and wedding photography on the “Street of Fun by the Falls” is right for you.

I spoke to Jimmy and Sonya Bender of GreenAutumn Photography and Film (based out of Hamilton, ON.), about why they in particular enjoy sourcing Clifton Hill has a hotspot for this type of photography.

“We really love shooting on Clifton Hill. Experimenting with the lighting that is available from the attractions was SO much fun. We did add some of our own lights as well to add to the environment. We hope to attract couples that enjoy “lifestyle” photography for their weddings, which would allow us to photograph them in areas that are not “usual” locations for engagement and wedding photos,” Jimmy explained.

Here are a just few Clifton Hill engagement photos from their recent shoot with Leanne and Aiden:

GreenAutumn Photography is a husband and wife team influenced by their involvement in music, visual arts, urban character and a passion for the real. They have photographed weddings in many locations in Southern Ontario, as well as across Canada and in 2014 they will be photographing in Costa Rica and Mexico.

They believe that weddings are “as unique and diverse as the couple themselves, and our couples tend to agree.” They believe that while weddings are elegant and classy, they want to highlight that they can also be “edgy, indie, rustic, organic and urban.” Their photography style and captured moments emulate this. They say, “GreenAutumn exists for those desiring to have their wedding captured in an alternatively artistic and candid approach. We are all about documenting real moments, capturing the emotions shared between two people making a commitment to be partnered for life, and their closest family and friends witnessing it, producing images that stir memories years down the road. We make picture taking fun, getting to know the couple and putting them at ease so that we can represent them in the truest manner possible.”

For more information on GreenAutumn Photography please contact Jimmy and Sonya Bender at 905-818-7176 or by email by clicking here.

Check them out and their outstanding portfolio at

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