Holiday Weekend Alternate Routes to QEW to and from Niagara Falls

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As the Summer Holidays draw near and the much-awaited Victoria Day long weekend approaches, it’s important to anticipate and prepare for potential traffic congestion and delays. To ensure a smoother journey, it is advisable to consider taking an alternative route when visiting the Clifton Hill tourist area and heading to and from the QEW.

With the surge in holiday travelers and tourists, the roads leading to popular destinations tend to experience heavy traffic, causing frustrating delays and longer travel times. Therefore, it is prudent to plan ahead and explore alternative routes that may offer better traffic conditions and help you reach your destination more efficiently.

Don’t hesitate to utilize mapping applications or consult local traffic updates to identify the most suitable alternate routes based on real-time traffic conditions. These tools can provide valuable insights and suggest alternative pathways that may not only save you time but also offer scenic drives or interesting detours along the way, adding an element of adventure to your journey.

Clifton Hill Map

Bypass slow downs that can occur on the 420 with these two alternate routes for a quicker and less congested exit.

Our Clifton Hill parking lot is central to all that is happening over the Holidays, including a 5-minute walk to viewing the Niagara Falls, the fireworks shows, the Clifton Hill and Niagara Parks attractions, and Niagara Falls entertainment facilities (bars, casinos, etc.).

Keep this map and directions handy for all busy weekends, construction or any time you can’t use the 420 Highway.

Route #1

  • Exit the Clifton Hill parking lot onto Robinson Street.
  • Follow Robinson Street to Stanley Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Stanley Avenue.
  • Continue on Stanley Avenue south-bound to McLeod Road.
  • Turn right onto McLeod Road, and follow to the QEW on-ramp.

Route #2.

  • Exit the Clifton Hill parking lot onto Victoria Avenue and turn right.
  • At lights, turn left onto Centre Street.
  • Follow Centre Street, then turn right onto MacDonald Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Falls Avenue at the lights.
  • On the next set of lights, turn right onto Stanley Avenue (DO NOT continue through to the 420) and continue north to Thorold Stone Rd.
  • Turn left onto Thorold Stone Road and continue to the QEW on-ramp.
alternate route to QEW

Directions to the Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls Parking Lot (includes a PDF Guide).

Approaches to Niagara Falls
Travelling by car

Niagara Falls offers various east-west approaches, with the Niagara Parkway being a scenic option that follows the Canadian side of the Niagara River from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie, passing through the city.

To reach your destination in the Falls, the primary route is the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) via Hwy 420. This highway begins in Toronto, follows Lake Ontario, passes through Niagara Falls, and connects with major streets before reaching the Peace Bridge.

Visitors from Southwestern Ontario can also use Hwy 20, providing direct access to Niagara Falls, or Hwy 3, which leads to smaller roads leading to the city.

On the Canadian side, toll bridges facilitate travel for visitors coming from New York (often via the I-90 Interstate Highway) to reach the Canadian side of the Falls. These include the Rainbow Bridge in the sightseeing area, the Whirlpool Bridge north of downtown, and the Peace Bridge linking Buffalo, NY, and Fort Erie, Ontario, situated just south of Niagara Falls.

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