Jim Kelly proposes future Bills stadium in Niagara Falls

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Buffalo Bills fans discuss the merits of Jim Kelly’s idea to bring a future Buffalo Bills stadium to Niagara Falls, New York.
Source: http://boards.buffalobills.com
Below are opening comments from senior member: Buffalo66

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, like many former Buffalo Bills, would hate to see the NFL franchise move permanently to Toronto.
But how about moving closer to Toronto, instead?
Kelly, has come up with the idea of one day having a new stadium built in Niagara Falls, N.Y., making it much more convenient for Canadian fans who wish to attend games.
“I think it would make sense,” said Kelly, who joined ex-Bills Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker and Oakville native Steve Christie at a well-attended kickoff rally at Dundas Square last night.
“I’ve done my homework. By putting a stadium there, it would be 45 minutes closer for Canadians coming to games than it is to go to Orchard Park right now.”
Great concept. Maybe they could change the team name to the Niagara Bills.
“No way,” Kelly said. “Buffalo Bills. It ain’t going to change.”
Kelly is at the forefront of those attempting to keep the team in western New York.
“As long as I’m involved, the team will stay where it is,” Kelly said.
“I will say this. I’ve already been contacted by a number of people who said they would pay anything to keep the team in Buffalo.”

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