Places To Go Sledding, Tobogganing and Snow Tubing In Niagara

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Children just love sliding down a snowy hill on a sled, and many adults enjoy channeling their inner child to join in the fun. Here are our recommendations for the greatest sledding, tobogganing, and snow tubing spots around Niagara.

Sledding Locations Throughout the Winter
We get a lot of snow in the region because of our cooler winter climate and the “lake effect” created by being situated between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie (the great lakes. ) We also have plenty of hills and slopes due to the Niagara Escarpment running along the entire region.

Are you ready to spend some time outside this winter? It’s a terrific way to enjoy some family fun while still getting some fitness! Bundle up and enjoy yourself!

Here are a few locations around Niagara Falls where you can go sledding throughout the winter.

Niagara Falls Sledding Locations

Niagara Sledding

St. Catharines Sledding Locations

Niagara Sledding

South Niagara Sledding Locations




Port Colbourne

Fort Erie

Niagara Sledding

Lincoln Sledding Locations

Niagara Sledding

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