The Niagara Speedway Revs Up to an Action-Packed Start

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At 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 24th, 2018, the Niagara Speedway finally opened its doors to an excited crowd of travelers from all around the world ready to be part of the action. Since that day, things haven’t slowed down. We have seen crowds of people daily arrive at North America’s largest elevated go-kart track facility to test their driving skills, thanks to word of mouth advertising and all the media hype. Several media chains have linked us to being similar to “Mario Kart”, and while that definitely fueled the drive to our website views and to our establishment itself, we are in no way affiliated with this, but honoured with the comparison.

We are grateful for these first couple of months so far, and we look forward to seeing more potential growth in sales as the season progresses into the Fall. We will continue to remain open for as long as Mother Nature and business levels allow us to, and then re-open come the Spring. If the weather cooperates we could potentially keep running for part of the Winter (cross your fingers for a seasonally warm November/December). Stay up-to-date with our Hours of Operation, as it continues to get updated as each new month approaches.

Some taped Media Attention so far:

Breakfast Television:

WGRZ 2 On Your Side:

WIVB Channel 4:

Daily Hive:


Height Restriction, Driver minimum height 58″ and maximum height 78″
Height Restriction, Rider minimum height 40″ and maximum height 60″
​To carry a passenger, the driver must be a minimum of 18 years of age, or the parent or legal guardian of the passenger.

Ticket Pricing:
Driver $12.00 
(Per 5 Minute Race)
Rider $4.00 (Per 5 Minute Race)
*Prices do not include applicable tax.

Fun facts on the structure:
10,000 bolts
595,420 lbs of steel (approx. 300 tons)
2,150 Linear Feet of Guard Rails
16,763 Individual Parts
1,832 Welded Assemblies
19,100 – Individual Welds
36 Go-Karts going every ride
Tracks tallest point is 40 ft tall.

It’s like go-karts on steroids! Be sure to visit North America’s largest elevated go-kart track facility. The the first of it’s kind in Canada! Niagara Speedway is a marriage of traditional go-karts with the added fun & excitement of an elevated coaster styled track. Test your driving skills along the straight-away, negotiate the hair-pin turns and climb the elevated ramp as you head for the checkered flag!

Click here for official Speedway press releases, logos, imagery: Niagara Speedway Media Centre

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