Shopping on Clifton Hill: Colourful Fall Items

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*Pictured Above: Salt Water Taffy at the Fudge Factory*
Fall is a colourful time in Niagara Falls, and shopping on Clifton Hill will reflect that with items that you can purchase that embrace this vibrant season.
Halloween Candy and Colourful Macaroons 
Head into the Fudge Factory for a huge selection of Halloween candy from our Candy Wall or for colourful macaroons that are a perfect accessory to any Fall get-together with family and friends!
Niagara Falls Shopping
Shopping on Clifton Hill
Gourmet du Village “Eat, Drink & be Cozy” S’Mores Hot Chocolate with Matching Plaid Mugs
Gourmet du Village’s latest addition to their line of over 25 specialty hot chocolates is their new S’mores flavour to warm you up on these cool Fall evenings. Relax, smile and treat yourself with this delectable hot chocolate flavour. It comes available with a matching mug to purchase separately available at the Canada Trading Company.
Shopping on Clifton Hill
Colourful Fall Shawls and 100% Wool Sweaters
It’s that time of the year again when the Canada Trading Company starts to fully stock up on their Fall collection of outdoor wear. We have a variety of different types of colourful shawls for sale, as well as our super comfy Kyber Outerwear sweaters. These are handmade in small villages at the heart of the majestic Himalayan mountains! The natural lanolin oils in the wool help to repel water, odor and stains.
Shopping on Clifton Hill
Colourful Hats, Mittens, and Headbands

Sequined Throw Pillows
When the cold and dark weather hits, you want to add some vibrancy and light into your livingroom — that’s where the Fun Factory has you covered! Come inside and check out their collection of sequined throw pillows. Run your hands the opposite direction through them to change the colour.
Shopping on Clifton Hill


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