Father’s Day Gift Ideas at Canada Trading Company

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Get ready to buckle up, because Father’s Day is barreling towards us at lightning speed, drawing nearer with every tick of the clock. But fear not, for we hold the key to making this year’s celebration truly memorable. Prepare to be amazed by an array of extraordinary gift ideas that will leave your Dad speechless. Introducing the Canada Trading Company, a haven of treasures nestled in the hottest tourist area of Niagara Falls.

We have meticulously picked out a selection of gifts that are sure to ignite a spark of joy in your father’s heart. So don’t miss this opportunity to show your love and appreciation in the most exciting way possible.

Visit the Canada Trading Company today and discover the perfect gift that will leave your Dad in awe.

Engraved Wallets

Father’s Day would be incomplete without a personalized present. Giving a handmade wallet with an engraved quote is a genuinely exceptional gift, whether it’s for your husband, fiancé, father, or just that special someone in your life. A unique wallet makes the ideal present for all the men of your life.

Men’s Fashion

For Niagara Falls and Canada style apparel, we have some great men’s clothing and fashion essentials. You’ll have to come in and check out our wide selection of unique caps, t-shirts, and hoodies!

Hot Sauce Extravaganza!

It’s a BBQ lovers dream! Dad will love our selection of hot sauces — from mild to “X-Treme” hot! Grab one or add a few to a gift basket.

Comfortable Moccasins

Historically known as the footwear worn by many indigenous people of North America, the Canada Trading Company has a wall full of moccasins in our native section. They are not only comfortable to wear around the house, but they can be worn outside if Dad enjoys exploring the wilderness.

Animal Statues & Sculptures

In our animal figure collection, Canada Trading is delighted to offer a nice assortment of artistic animal statues, which could be a great fathers days gift, but also ideal for milestone celebrations, and birthdays. Be sure to check out our animal sculpture collection for interesting one-of-a-kind gifts for your dad!

Collectible Magnets

You don’t have to spend a lot of money! These bottle opener magnets will be a hit with Dad! No more searching through the junk drawer for one. They’ll be easy to locate on the fridge. If he enjoys golf, get him a golf ball magnet as well!

Wall Plaques

We’ve gathered some cool Canadian and Niagara Falls plaques to provide the perfect wall décor for Father’s Day. Whether you’re wanting to make a statement with something unique or help dad fill an empty wall or corner…we’ve got you covered. So be sure to check out our collection of wall plaques for a great Fathers Day gift!

Cool Key Chains!

This year, be sure to get Dad started on his Key Chain collection! Collectible keychains have a story to tell and many different keychains can be found at Canada Trading Company! They make great gifts and souvenirs from Niagara Falls that you can give out for Father’s Day.

Canada Trading Company has a large selection of top quality souvenir clothing, figurines, water globes, wind spinners, handcrafted jewellery, a large display of Native area artwork, totems, Inukshuks & Moccasins, dream catchers, masks and statues, plus many more timeless gifts and new additions constantly arriving. Come and check us out! We are located on Clifton Hill between Wizard’s Golf and Tim Hortons.

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