5 Uses For Hand Spinners

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One of the newest toys growing in popularity are “Hand Spinners”, also known as “Fidget Spinners” or “Finger Spinners”. We are selling these like crazy at the Canada Trading Company and the Fun Factory on Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, so for those that don’t understand the significance and benefits of them, here is a list of 5 uses for Hand Spinners. 

#1 Relieves Anxiety

A “Hand Spinner” is a device that you hold with your thumb and index finger in the center bearing. They generally have 3 prongs that you spin with any finger as you grip it firmly in place (there is no wrong way to use it). The hand spinner comes from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions. They believed that it had a calming effect on the mind, body, and soul.

It relieves anxiety because as you become nervous, many people begin to soothe themselves outwardly by biting their nails, fiddling with their rings, tapping their fingers, or playing with their hair or jewelry. Spinning this tool allows your mind to become more focused on distracting habits, which in turn will slowly put your mind at ease and calm yourself down.

#2 Relieves Boredom

How many of you have been waiting at the doctor’s office, been on a montonous conference call, or have been sitting for hours in a lecture hall, and you’d prefer to be doing anything else but sitting there? This is the optimal time to get out the hand spinner and quitely pass the time with a slight distraction. One the most common acts of boredom and fidgeting is to bounce one’s leg repeatedly. Using a hand spinner is a better tool to use in order to be less of a distraction to others, and a more effective means of not drawing attention to yourself in times when it’s obvious you’d rather disengage from the moment.

#3 Mild Relief For ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism

The Hand Spinner can provide mild distraction and calming relief for adults or children with these characteristics and/or various mental disorders. Children especially with ADHD often squirm or bounce while sitting, have difficulty staying seated, and generally have a difficult time playing quietly. The Hand Spinner assists in this by providing a calming relief.
Its ergonomical shape easily fits in the hand, and the three spinning inserts work wonders for a person with nervous and fidgety motions. They simply move their fingers over the spinners, or by just grasping it in the palm of their hand to help to regain focus and composure. For mild panic disorder sufferers it may eliminate a temporary need for medication.

#4 They Assist In Breaking Bad Habits

Many people have bad habitual reactions to stressful factors in their life that they wish to break. “Onychophagia” is an actual medical term used when describing someone with an excessive need to nail bite. Mental health experts categorize this as a milder version of OCD. It’s not only a bad habit, but it’s unsanitary as well. This goes alongside with people that pick their skin or pull their hair when under stress or boredom. The use of a Hand Spinner can help to alleviate bad habits — this can even go as far as helping those of us that turn to smoking, excessive eating, or even coffee drinking as a source of stress relief.

#5 Keep You Alert

I’m sure we have all heard at some time or another about someone that fell asleep behind the wheel. It’s no joke that Hand Spinners provide enough mind stimulation that this tiny tool can help you to stay alert. Some of you may be asking why you would play with that while driving, but keep in mind that many of us generally drive with one hand, while the other is on our lap, smoking a cigarette, or having a sip of something to drink.

For workers who suffer from stress due to workload, commuters suffering from personal issues that occupy their mind while driving, the overtired parent, and people who drive for hours on end as part of thier jobs, this is one object where they can actually let out their frustration in a productive manner. You are forced to stay alert and focused on the task at hand (literally). Fidgeting with the spinner makes you pay more attention to the surroundings by boosting memory, focus and creativity.

Steel Bearing Hand Spinners sold at the Canada Trading Company and Fun Factory for $9.99(+HST)

Hand Spinners

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