10 Stocking Stuffers You Can Find At The Fun Factory, Clifton Hill

The Fun Factory on Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls is full of gifts, games and novelty items throughout the store. It's also a great stop to head for gifts to fill your Christmas stockings. Here are some items that we sell -- come and see for yourself!

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The “Grossery Gang”

The “Grossery Gang” ten pack features ten wacky Grossery Gang characters in which eight are visible and two are hidden. Build up a collection of these “gross” collectibles! 

The “Corny Chips” are the mouldiest, grossest, stale chips ever!

Price: $17.99+HST 


5 Pack of “Shopkins”

Stocking Stuffers

“Shopkins” are collectible grocery store-themed characters that girls and boys can collect, share, and trade.

Each figure has a name and is classified into a different category including: Fruit and Veggie, Pantry, Bakery, Sweets, Dairy, Party Food, Health/Beauty, Frozen (clear), and Limited Edition.

They come in unique finishes like glitter, clear, and metallic.

5-Pack Price: $10.99+HST


7-Pack Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Ooshies”

These are toys that they bring to school. Series 1 of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Ooshies” has 40 Soft Squishy pencil toppers to collect!

7-Pack Price: $21.99+HST


“The Ugglys” Pet Shop Collectibles

Stocking Stuffers

With 101 pet to collect, these are the freakiest, slimiest, grossest, smelliest, and hairiest pets kids can collect.

Price: Ranges from $12.99 and Up +HST


Marvel and DC Comics “Ooshies”

Stocking Stuffers

Just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Ooshies”, these are collectible pencil toppers that we carry; from 4 to 7-Packs of your child’s favourite superheroes! 

Price: Rabges from $12.99 – $21.99+HST


Disney “Tsum Tsum” 3-Pack

Stocking Stuffers

These are collectible Disney characters that children stack on top of each other in different series. Each one of the 3-Packs contains 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small “Tsum Tsum” figure. Find all of the “common, lucky, and super lucky” Disney Tsum Tsum characters to complete the assortment!

*We also carry Marvel 3-Packs as well.*

Price: $12.99+HST


“Snoozies” face socks for women and men

Stocking Stuffers

These are super-warm socks with knit-in cute face designs in a combed cotton/spandex blend. 

Price: $9.99+HST


“Whiffer Sniffers” Bag Clips

Stocking Stuffers

These are collectible and fun scented clips made to attach to your backpack, book bag, lunch box, purse, sports bag, hang in your locker or leave in the car. They come in different scents and you can purchase them as a single scent, or a 2-Pack “Mystery Pack”.

Scents last typically for one year.

Price: Up to $12.99+HST


Ty Princess Plushies

From the Ty Beanie Babies collection comes these Plush “My Little Pony” stuffed animal collectible toys. 

Price: $7.99+HST


Tribal Bracelets

stocking stuffers

The Fun Factory carries so much jewellery that it’s hard to choose just one piece to feature, but one of the most popular sellers is their collection of “tribal” bracelets. Mix and match your favourites!

Price: Ranges from $2.49 – $9.99 +HST

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