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Best Dishes to Share on a Date at Boston Pizza

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Taking your special someone out for a meal is a classic date idea. Sharing lunch or dinner together, seated across from one another with fantastic food and drink is definitely one of the best ways to enjoy each others company. Whether you’re planning a first date with someone you’ve been dying to go out with or a night out with your long term partner, this blog post is for you. For a menu that features items for everyone in a space that’s welcoming and exciting, we recommend dining at Boston Pizza Clifton Hill. Believe it or not, what we order while out to dine says a lot about our personality, so why not have our choice say that we’re easy going and generous by opting for a meal or starter to share?

Appetizers Made For Sharing

To stimulate you and your dates appetites and get the conversation flowing, order an appetizer or two that’s been created for sharing. Be careful, the dishes are delicious and you will be tempted to save it all for yourself but to impress your date, try your best to share.

All Meat Bites

Shareable Patio Faves

These delectable chicken breast bites are all meat and no bones. Each bite is breaded and fried to perfection, and then seasoned to suit your taste-buds. Choose from a variety of flavours and heat levels like Honey Garlic, Mild, Thai Chili, and more. Why not show a bit more personality and opt for a dipping sauce too? You and your date can have your differences and each choose your own dip from a selection that includes Blue Cheese, Ranch, Creamy Garlic, and Honey Dill.

Bandera Pizza Bread

Shareable Patio Faves

When the main meal options are so plentiful like they are at Boston Pizza, you may just consider a meal inspired starter. The Bandera Pizza bread is made for two. Baked with traditional pizza bread and spiced with Italian herbs and fresh mozzarella and parmesan, this dish is hard to resist. This starter is served with a Santa Fe Ranch dip, but you can always add another dip like extra pizza sauce or a Creamy Garlic dip.

BP’s Classic Nacho’s

Our classic nachos are one of our most popular dishes, and it’s no surprise. This generous serving of hand-cut tortilla chips are topped with cheddar, pizza mozzarella, green peppers, black olives, jalapeño peppers, tomatoes and green onions. For extra tastiness, the nachos are served with salsa made with fresh tomatoes, sour cream, plus your choice of protein like BBQ chicken or seasoned ground beef.

Meals To Share

Keeping your hands to yourself on a date is hard when you like the other person so much. But it becomes considerably harder when you’re dying to try a bite of their dish. Choose your mains together and ask for side plates so that you can share both dishes and maybe feed one another a bite or two.

Pizza and Pasta

We are forever grateful to the Italian’s for creating two of our favourite things: pizza and pasta. Our go-to pairings made for sharing are the El Pizzo with the Fettuccini Primavera and the Pizza Bella with the Hungry Carnivore. Both our pizzas and pastas can be customized as well, you get to choose everything from your crust type to toppings and noodle type and sauce.

Cuban Salmon Power Bowl and Pineapple Beet and Goat Cheese Salad

Our new salmon bowl is bursting with citrus notes and the flavours of veggies cooked to perfection. The salmon is cooked in a cumin glaze and served over a warm quinoa and rice blend. Popping with colour, the bowl features dark green spinach, bright cherry red tomatoes, guacamole, beets, carrots, cucumbers, and roasted peppers. Pair this bowl with our Pineapple Beet And Goat Cheese Salad that’s served with a balsamic dressing and topped with slivered almonds.

Santa Fe Quesadilla and Tacos

For a Mexican inspired meal opt for our Santa Fe Quesadilla and Tacos. The BBQ chicken quesadilla is cut in pies making sharing that much easier. Each pocket is filled with cheddar and pizza mozzarella, as well as red onions and tomatoes. Dip into fresh salsa and sour cream, and add extras like guacamole or a blue cheese dip. Switch between these and three soft-shelled tacos featuring your choice of shrimp or grilled chicken breast for an unforgettable meal.Tacos

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