Niagara Speedway Progress Report

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Exciting progress is taking shape on North America’s largest elevated go-kart track facility here on Clifton Hill. We’re very thrilled to share some current imagery of the Niagara Speedway construction.


Fun facts on the structure:

  • 10,000 bolts
  • 595,420 lbs (300 tons) of steel
  • 2,150 Linear Ft – Guard Rails
  • 16,763 Individual Parts
  • 1,832 Welded Assemblies
  • 19,100 – Individual Welds

Here is A Video That Simulates How it Feels to Race Up the Spiral!

The first concrete pour on the spiral took place on June 7th, 2017! We are moving along nicely.

Please stay engaged with us on our Facebook page for more updates as we continue to build out the Niagara Speedway.

Niagara Speedway News Coverage

Niagara Falls Review:



Browse our updated development pictures below:

Click the image below for a revealing panoramic image of the Niagara Speedway:

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